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Why We Switched to 7shifts from HotSchedules


7shifts and Cali BBQ have partnered to simplify our team management — one shift at a time.

7shifts empowers restaurant managers to optimize their workforce to better manage employees, resulting in reduced labor costs.

Using 7shifts vs HotSchedules —

When our Cali BBQ management team considered using 7shifts vs HotSchedules, we found many reasons to switch to 7shifts.

We used HotSchedules as a labor management technology tool for the first ten years of Cali BBQ. Then in 2020 we kept reading and hearing about 7shifts and how much improvement the restaurant technology company has made to simplifying labor management practices for restaurants.

7shifts benefits include: transparent pricing, mobile app for staff, an employee engagement dashboard, and much more.

7shifts desktop schedule

After interviewing 7shifts CEO Jordan Boesch for our Digital Hospitality podcast, I told the cofounder that he had won over business during the course of the conversation.

Jordan Boesch 7Shifts on Digital Hospitality

7shifts Blog: How Restaurants Can Remain Competitive in 2021

Many influential restaurant industry people also believe in the power of 7shifts technology to manage staff. The Enlightened Hospitality Investments growth equity fund, managed by influential restaurateur Danny Meyer, invested $21.5 million in 7shifts in 2021.

“The restaurant and hospitality industry is about to experience one of the biggest periods of growth and hiring we’ve ever seen, and having the right technology in place to manage this process will be a crucial component to succeed,” Union Square Hospitality Group CEO Danny Meyer said in a press release about why they use 7shifts at his restaurants.

“Our business leaders have been uniformly impressed and inspired by the staff management platform 7shifts has built,” Danny Meyer said. “We look forward to our work together to help further propel 7shifts into becoming our industry’s gold standard.”

At Cali BBQ, we couldn’t be more excited to partner with a hospitality technology leader like 7shifts as it will further help us live out our mission of providing world-class digital hospitality.

5 Ways 7shifts Helps Restaurants Manage Staff —

  1. Save $2,000 per month on labor costs.
  2. Spend 80 percent less time scheduling staff.
  3. Reduce staff calls and texts by 70 percent.
  4. Reduce no-shows to work by 25 percent.
  5. Save $500 a week on time-theft.

-Sign Up for a Free 7shifts Account at


What is 7shifts?

7shifts is a restaurant employee scheduling solution that is simplifying team management, one shift at a time. The company was founded in 2014 in Saskatoon, Canada, and also has offices in Toronto and New Jersey. The CEO is Jordan Boesch.

7shifts is used by over 500,000 restaurants across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Australia, including multi-unit restaurant groups like Bareburger, Smoke’s Poutinerie, YogurtLand, Juice It Up!, and many others.

• Follow 7shifts on Social Media: TwitterFacebookLinkedInInstagram the App Store or Google Play.




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