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Operating a Stress Free Restaurant with Stephanie Bernstein

Stephanie Bernstein is the Partner Marketing Lead at 86 Repairs, a company dedicated to making restaurant operators lives by helping with one of the more frustrating parts of the business; unexpected repairs. In essence, 86 Repairs steps in to handle repairs and maintenance, allowing restaurant professionals to focus on what truly matters to them.


“So we are taking repairs off your plate. It should not be something that you have to worry about when you’re a director of operations trying to scale and expand your business,” she explains to show host Shawn Walchef at the Restaurant Transformation Festival in Austin, TX. 


86 Repairs leverages their team of industry professionals to assess whether a repair is genuinely necessary before dispatching a vendor as a testament to them prioritizing customer service. This proactive approach not only saves time but also potentially saves restaurant owners money by avoiding unnecessary repairs.


“You can text 86 repairs an hour on demand, and a customer service team of former restaurant industry professionals would go ahead and walk you through initial troubleshooting steps to make sure that we’re not immediately dispatching a vendor for something that’s as simple as toggling the breaker or plugging something back in.” says Bernstein.


Bernstein understands the unique challenges faced by restaurant operators by emphasizing the importance of addressing repairs and maintenance as an integral part of restaurant operation. Her commitment to simplifying the repair process and continuously learning from restaurant operators’ experiences underscores 86 Repairs’ dedication to its evolving mission to help more customers navigate the challenges of running a successful restaurant.


Watch and listen to the interview to learn about 86 Repairs and how they work to alleviate the stress of repairs for restaurant operators. Also, be sure to use the link below to purchase your tickets for the Restaurant Transformation Tour coming to New York on November 30!

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Interview Takeaways

One Less Thing to Worry About – With all business comes the unforeseen cost of repairs. Stephanie Bernstein and 86 Repairs is designed to take that stress off of restaurant owners’ plates and handle repairs for them.


Efficiency + Expertise = Elite Customer Service – With customer service being paramount, 86 Repairs taps into their resources of restaurant industry professionals to help owners determine if a true repair is needed prior to dispatching one of their vendor partners. This is done to save time and potentially save money in the event of something breaking or malfunctioning.


Simplifying Marketing Material – Stephanie Bernstein knows that restaurant operators have a lot on their minds, but she also understands that repairs and maintenance cannot be ignored. As the Partner Marketing Lead, a part of her job is to market the benefits of collaborating with 86 Repairs. For her, the best way to do that is to speak the language of restaurant operators.

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