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The Power of One Restaurant Location with Eric and Melissa Rickman

Eric and Melissa Rickman are the CEO and Operators of Wholly Stromboli (@wholly_stromboli) in Fort Lupton, CO. Now 14 years in, Wholly Stromboli was the manifestation of a lifelong dream for Melissa. 


“Melissa Rickman:  It was something I wanted to do my whole life.” she tells host Shawn Walchef of Cali BBQ Media . “I always say that I had built Wholly Stromboli a long time ago, right in my heart.”


Watch the interview conducted at the Restaurant Transformation Festival in Austin, TX to learn about Rickman’s approach to the family business, the importance of investing on the front end, and creating processes.


Use the link below to grab tickets to the last Restaurant Transformation Tour stop in New York!

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It’s a Business First – Wholly Stromboli is indeed a lifelong dream come true. However, it is still first and foremost a business. For Eric and Melissa Rickman, the business aspect of Wholly Stromboli must remain in the forefront in order for it to continue as an establishment to be enjoyed by its customers.


Spend the Money…Now! – When Melissa Rickman speaks to other Pizza Restaurant owners she preaches one thing: spend the money. To her, paying a little more upfront is worth the reassurance, as opposed to trying to find time later while having to operate as a fully functioning establishment.


Duplicable Processes and Systems for Growth – Eric and Melissa Rickman currently operate out of only one location. However, if they were to open a second store, they have the business systems and processes in place to replicate the success of their original location.

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