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Building a Family Legacy with Mario Padrino Sr. and Mario Padrino Jr.

Mario Padrino Sr. inherited Padrino Cuban Restaurants at the young age of 24, after being handed the keys by his father while he was still living. During his journey he grappled with the relentless chaos of restaurant management. However, through guidance from thought leaders like Zig Ziglar, he learned to view challenges differently, leading to a remarkable reduction in issues.


Now an experienced owner, he is setting the path to build on that family legacy with his son Mario Jr and his siblings. 


“I guess it was a model that they didn’t say, you got to do this, but to me, I wanted them to feel ownership while they were young.” says Padrino Sr. to host Shawn Walchef.


Their commitment to growth knows no bounds, as evidenced by their journey from South Florida to the Restaurant Transformation Festival in Austin, TX. After five years with Restaurant365’s systems, both Padrinos continue to seek improvement, particularly Mario Jr., who aims to master all options on their path to excellence. 

Watch this interview conducted at the Restaurant Transformation Festival in Austin, TX to learn more about building a legacy, the power of perspective, and the importance of industry events.

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Change Starts with a Changed Perspective Mario Padrino Sr. hated all the chaos that came with owning a restaurant. Not only was it frequent, but it often happened during the most inconvenient times. However, he noticed, with the help of thought leaders like Zig Ziglar, the frequency of issues began to tail off as he changed his perspective.

Leaving a Legacy – Mario Padrino Sr. was handed the keys to the restaurant by his father, who didn’t start the business until the age of 62, essentially making him a business owner at 24 years old. The gesture served as a model for Padrino Sr. as he is setting the stage for the Padrino Family legacy to continue.

Attending the R365 Events – The Padrino Family traveled from South Florida to Austin, TX to attend the Restaurant Transformation Festival. For them, there is not place too far to travel if an opportunity to learn is present. After five years of implementation, both Padrino’s agree that there is so much to learn about R365’s systems, and Mario Jr., in particular, wants to eliminate as many blind spots as possible.

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