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Marqii’s Huge Partnership Announcement with Avi Goren

In This Episode

Interview Takeaways

  1. OpenTable Integration with Marqii – OpenTable has been a part of Avi Goren’s life for a while. First as a consumer, and now as one of the founders of Marqii. Knowing both ends has allowed him a unique perspective of pain points that Marqii’s new integration with OpenTable is seeking to solve.
  2. Partnership with ezCater to Create a One-Stop Shop for Restaurant Data – Avi Goren and Marqii are about synthesizing feedback to offer solutions.The company’s partnership with ezCater allow them to create a one stop shop for restaurants to take data derived from feedback and take advantage of the growth opportunities.
  3. Enhancing Guest Experience with UberEats Partnership – Marqii is a link between the guest experience and restaurant improvement. Ari Goren and crew have partnered with UberEats so that they are fully aware of the customer feedback to enhance their efforts to provide the best possible guest experience.
  4. The Power of Marqii’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) Review Response – Avi Goren is admittedly obsessed with feedback. He studies it and has made a business out of it. Forever looking to improve, Goren and Marqii have implemented an AI review response program that allows customers the opportunity to embrace live reviews but outsource responses, receive the feedback and improvement recommendations, but keep focus on the work inside the restaurant.

Get to know Marqii CEO Avi Goren

In the restaurant industry, Marqii CEO Avi Goren is a visionary leader, shaping the landscape of digital hospitality through strategic partnerships and groundbreaking solutions. With a unique perspective derived from both his consumer experience and entrepreneurial journey, Goren navigates the challenges faced by the industry with a keen focus on innovation. In this episode of Digital Hospitality, Goren speaks to host Shawn Walchef of Cali BBQ Media and sheds light on Marqii’s transformative initiatives, particularly its strategic integrations with major players like OpenTable, ezCater, and UberEats. 

OpenTable and Marqii Integration

Having experienced OpenTable as a consumer, Goren understands the unique pain points that could possibly come with using the product. The all-new integration with OpenTable allows Marqii to gather valuable review data, offering a comprehensive view that goes beyond walk-ins, Yelp, or Google. 

“There’s so much data that lives in opentable reviews that won’t live in Yelp, that won’t live in Google, because it’s a different experience, different expectation that was set to ignore that data. You’re losing out on potential gold.” expressed Goren.

exCater and Marqii Integration

In another move towards creating a comprehensive solution for restaurants, Marqii forged a strategic partnership with ezCater, a platform created to help businesses find restaurants that cater. This collaboration aims to be a one-stop-shop for restaurant data, allowing partnering establishments to harness feedback and identify growth opportunities. Goren’s vision is to automate and streamline processes, to enhance the customer experience and make Marqii the go-to platform for restaurants.

“It’s just our job here is to help automate. Let us be that one stop shop for you.” said Goren. “All of that gives the restaurant an opportunity to grow and learn, and ezCateris a part of that.”

The Importance of Customer Feedback

Marqii’s commitment to enhancing the guest experience extends to its partnership with UberEats. Recognizing UberEats as a valuable data set, Goren emphasizes the importance of gaining direct feedback from customers. The partnership ensures that Marqii serves as a link between guest experience and restaurant improvement. By tapping into UberEats’ extensive user behavior data, Marqii enables restaurants to receive specific feedback on dishes, empowering them to make informed decisions for continuous improvement.

Said Goren, “They’re such a valuable data set. When you look at just the user behavior, the engagements being found, they just went through that major cleanup with virtual brands, so now there’s more room to shine. So it’s more important than ever to get access to that direct feedback.” 

Feedback is at the core of Marqii’s mission, and Goren’s obsession with it has led to the implementation of an AI-driven review response program. This innovation allows businesses, regardless of size, to embrace reviews while efficiently outsourcing responses to save time and energy but also empowers businesses to focus on the crucial work within the restaurant, turning a potentially time-consuming process into a quick and insightful data set.

Leveraging Feedback and User Data

Avi Goren’s leadership at Marqii reflects a commitment to transforming the restaurant industry through strategic partnerships and cutting-edge solutions. Marqii’s integrations and innovative approaches empower businesses to navigate the dynamic landscape of customer feedback, fostering growth and success. Through these collaborations, Marqii aims to revolutionize the way restaurants leverage feedback and data.

“There are so many places for your information to live and so many ways for a customer journey to begin and end that you can’t risk not being everywhere.”

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