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Become Attention Merchants With Short Form Video Content | National Restaurant Owners Podcast | DH125

Shawn Walchef was a guest on the National Restaurant Owners Podcast to talk about digital marketing and video content.

Hospitality and Media Maven Kyle Inserra knows that one of the most valuable currencies of our modern era is attention.

Kyle Inserra (@kyleinserra) is an attention merchant. How does the commercial real estate strategist with a long history in the hospitality industry get attention these days? He publishes compelling video content online every day.

Kyle Inserra on Twitter PostOn his National Restaurant Owners Podcast, host Kyle Inserra and his guests open up about the restaurant industry and share first-hand insights about hospitality, marketing, and much more.

national restaurant owners podcast cover


The NRO Podcast is just one of the many digital media projects Kyle Inserra has published. He also cranks out interesting industry specific content all the time using his smartphone.

Short form videos give Kyle a place to showcase his strong opinions and useful advice. Publishing content online on a regular basis also lets him connect with like-minded peers all over the world.

Kyle Inserra Restaurant QuoteThat’s how Cali BBQ Media first met Kyle Inserra — we connected with him on Clubhouse and TikTok.

Our relationship strengthened IRL when we visited New York City for the Toast IPO in 2021.

Kyle Inserra on Restaurant Influencers in 2021 in New York City.

Of course we had to team up and make some longform and shortform videos with Kyle while we were in his neck of the woods.


The National Restaurant Owner Podcast | Shawn Walchef and Kyle Inserra

Kyle Inserra featured our Cali BBQ Media story on The National Restaurant Owners Podcast, which he let us repurpose on our Digital Hospitality RSS feed and YouTube channel.


We hope you enjoy this conversation and don’t forget to let us know what you liked and learned in the comments or in a podcast review. Each review we get helps us grow our Digital Hospitality thesis with even more people.

A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships.

Kyle Inserra National Restaurant Owners Podcast Cover


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About The National Restaurant Owners Podcast w/ Kyle Inserra — 

Owning a restaurant can be a lonely, stressful existence. Kyle Inserra knows this first hand as a 15 year veteran of the hospitality industry. On the show, he shares his experience and interviews fellow industry professionals to provide you with the insight our industry often lacks. Whether you’re opening your first restaurant or considering adding units to your current concept, there’s always something new to learn, and who better to learn from than those who have successfully done it.


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