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How To Raise Money + Execute Your Concept | My Yard Live Beer Co. Founders Jamie Minotti and Mark McLarry | DH126

Interview at My Yard Live Beer Co. with owners Jamie Minotti and Mark McLarry

You have a great business concept, but how do you raise the money needed to realize your vision?

Check out the Digital Hospitality interview with My Yard Live Beer Co. co-owners Mark McLarry and Jamie Minotti to learn how they turned their grand vision into reality step by step.

Interview at My Yard Live Beer Co. with owners Jamie Minotti and Mark McLarry

“(We thought) let’s do something brick-and-mortar that encompasses (the) festival spirit: bringing people together, live music, good food, good beverages,” said My Yard Live CEO Mark McLarry on the Digital Hospitality podcast interview. “What space can we create where everyone’s going to be happy?”

My Yard Live Beer Co. is a 17,500-square-foot entertainment center, restaurant, and brewery, in San Marco, California. The company was founded in 2019 by entertainment and hospitality industry entrepreneurs Mark McLarry and Jamie Minotti.

My Yard Live Staff

As you’ll learn in the Digital Hospitality podcast interview with the friends and business partners, the story of My Yard Live is inspiring because it shows confidence and perseverance. As business owners, those qualities help you move forward even in the face of adversity (of which there will be lots).

My Yard Live had to shut down in the pandemic. What the owners learned from the experience was how dedicated their regulars were to their community space.

My Yard Live Beer Company founders interview

“During the pandemic, we had people who were regulars that actually approached us to invest,” Jamie Minotti said on the Digital Hospitality podcast interview recorded live at My Yard Live. “And they actually ended up investing in is in the middle of the pandemic. And we told them not to.”

“They said, ‘This is our space. We don’t want this to go anywhere.”

“We are doing something more than just flipping burgers and selling beers,” he continued. “We are doing something for the community, and that’s why we’re here.”


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My Yard Live —

My Yard Live combines many entertainment concepts into a unique venue for live entertainment, dining, and events. The restaurant is for both the young and young at heart, with fun activities for all ages, including all types of games, play structures, and much more.

One of the goals for My Yard Live Beer Co. was to bring together the elements of “a community center, park, upscale beer garden, diverse eatery, and a one of a kind live entertainment and event venue.”

My Yard Live Beer Co. in San Marcos, California

My Yard Live Beer Co.


288 Rancheros Drive, San Marcos, CA 92069


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