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The Art of Disruption for the Serial Entrepreneur | John Royce Lynch (PCMA Private Client Lending) | DH090

DH090 John Royce Lynch PCMA

John Royce Lynch, CEO of PCMA Private Client Lending, is not just a serial entrepreneur, but a case study for success.

John Royce Companies include PCMA and Royce Goldman

But how do you become a serial entrepreneur? Is it by birth, by circumstance or by hunger?

“I come from very humble beginnings,” admits our guest John Royce Lynch on this episode of the Digital Hospitality podcast recorded from his office in Orange County.

John Royce Lynch, CEO of PCMA Private Client Lending is interviewed by Shawn Walchef for the Digital Hospitality podcast.

“I think life is as a proclamation of what you make of it, your circumstances and your surroundings are not a byproduct of your forever.”

With one quote, John Royce Lynch has spoken to the opening questions with spirit and sharpness.

Here’s what John Royce Lynch wrote about his life and business journey online:

“From very humble beginnings to running my own firms earning billions, this journey has given me a crystal-clear purpose, cause and belief: I work hard to inspire all to create the unexpected, so that unexpected becomes expected In my companies, innovative habits are sought, modern ways mastered, and zero complacency insisted on. To me, disruption lives in the roots of Exclusivity and Originality, not novelty. My appetence for helping others develop and grow is my true north and my ambition is beyond measure. This odyssey I call my life, complete with its flaws, has been well documented and shared – always will be. But above all, I’m driven to be a good father, husband and neighbor. Pretty unexpected huh?”


John Royce Lynch PCMA - Tall Graphic

You can learn a lot if you listen to this in-depth conversation with John the “Disruptive Entrepreneur” on the Digital Hospitality podcast.


Don’t forget to always: Stay Curious, Get Involved, and Ask For Help.



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PCMA Mortgage Website explaining Private Client Experience


What is PCMA Private Client Lending? 

PCMA is the leading non-bank private client lending organization serving the needs of their mass affluent and high net worth clientele. They offer qualified individuals and institutions bespoke lending solutions across all major residential asset classes. PCMA is a diversified financial enterprise offering private client solutions through a direct to consumer and distributed retail business model. They strive to build trusting and enduring relationships by putting clients and professional partners at the center of what they do. PCMA headquarters are located in Orange County, California. (Bio from

Email PCMA:


John Royce Lynch is Comfortable Being Uncomfortable:

At a young age, John was exposed to what could be even if it wasn’t what was for him and his family. Getting comfortable being uncomfortable gave John the gusto to pursue professional surfing which he did out of college and into his early 20s.

“I was fortunate enough to grow up in Orange County,” John notes despite a less than lavish early life. “It allowed me to get around ambitious living and get comfortable being uncomfortable. I grew up in a household that were laborers and union workers. None of them were entrepreneurs.”


When catching waves and living out of a backpack had run its course, it was time for John to chase the life he saw as a child but eluded him on the day to day. The transition once again was humbling, but it once again offered an inside look at an outside world.

“I got a job with my buddy who owned a window cleaning business and I got the opportunity to go into these beautiful halls,” recalls John on his first job after surfing. “As I got to know the clients, this osmosis thing began because prior to that, I didn’t know those people. I lived in a two-bedroom apartment with a family of four.”



What were a few takeaways from this special episode of the Digital Hospitality podcast? Let us know in the comments and we will respond! Email to get in touch with the Cali BBQ Media team. 



Glimpse Into The High Life:

Seeing the high life up close and entering the homes of aspirational entrepreneurs, John Royce Lynch was chatting it up with unlikely mentors even if he was just cleaning their windows.

Soaking it all in, he never missed an opportunity to learn and grow from the start. Heading into his late 20s, he was ready to level up and make the most of his new connections.

John Royce Lynch of PCMA talking in his Orange County office on the Digital Hospitality podcast.

“I met a gentleman in his late 40s and he really took a liking to me,” notes John on Digital Hospitality. “I was 27 at the time that I went to work for an institutional fixed income bond firm. He was a very powerful guy from the banking industry, very accomplished, and he started grooming me towards one day running my own bank.

“He taught me a lot about the financial markets but more importantly he gave me the confidence and he helped open doors for me. He didn’t give me anything, by no means, but he got me in front of people to get me comfortable being in front of those people who could eventually give me the stepping stones towards wherever I was going to go.”

Once again, relationship capital proved the most valuable resource for the surfer turned window washer turned finance rookie. Making the most of his early introduction to banking and every introduction he got from his mentor, John was soon thriving and raking it in.

The end, right?


While John had climbed the financial industry and ladder faster than most kids that came up in his situation, the increased earnings were not all he expected them to be.

“Money is the least fulfilling thing I’ve ever accomplished in my life,” John shares. “Literally, it’s a letdown.”

With the blueprint for success mapped out and plenty of cash in his bank account, John’s focus and inspiration shifted back to the relationship capital that made him rich. Just not strictly the professional relationships.

“What really makes me happy is watching my daughter see things and have bigger dreams,” smiles the proud parent. “She believes that life can be bigger than the one my family was afraid to dream for.”

For John Royce Lynch, seeing his daughter see more of life and want more out of it is more fulfilling than seeing his bank account swell. As a serial entrepreneur, John has built multi-million-dollar companies and overachieved by any calculation.

Still, it’s less about bottom lines than ever for the Chief Executive Officer and father. These days, it’s all about showing others the same aspirations he was shown as a blue-collar kid trying to find his way in Orange County.

“It offends me when people say I’m in the mortgage rates business,” states John on his current professional endeavors with PCMA Private Client Lending.

“I’m not in the mortgage business. I’m in the experience business. I don’t sell mortgages, I serve clients. So, what I do is I spend more time talking about them and less about me.”



Looking back, John was never in the mortgage business. He was also never in the banking business and he was never in the window cleaning business. All along, John was in the business of serving. This meant dreaming big, building relationships and connecting with other walks of life.

So, how do you become a serial entrepreneur? Well, you start by getting comfortable being uncomfortable. From there you learn and then you network.

But, how do you stay on top? By believing someone else’s big dream could happen for them and taking them there.

Sometimes, all you need is somebody to show you it’s possible.


— Feature article by Digital Hospitality Specialist Ian Stonebrook. @ianstonebrook




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