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A Maestro of Meat and Marketing | Jason Ganahl (GQue BBQ) | DH079

Podcast Cover Image - DH079 GQue BBQ Jason Ganahl

Jason Ganahl is a Maestro of Meat and Marketing. 

Jason Ganahl cooks brisket at 2019 Q in the Lou BBQ FestThe GQue BBQ founder’s love for barbecue, people, and sports has allowed him to flourish. To do so, he’s had to network not only to thrive but also to survive. Being outside of the major traditional barbecue markets has made Jason Ganahl hustle hard not just in his food service area but also online.

Gque BBQ Order Online

Jason Ganahl is our guest on the Digital Hospitality podcast, where he talked about running a successful BBQ and catering business in Colorado, growing a YouTube channel, digital marketing, and more.

Jason Ganahl GQue BBQ Podcast Interview

Still, the GQue BBQ team is dedicated to serving the best BBQ catering services in Denver and beyond.

“The BBQ isn’t going to sell itself,” Jason Ganahl admits about GQue BBQ restaurants in the greater Denver area. “We’re not in Kansas City, we’re not in Austin and we’re not in St. Louis.”

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Learning to Hustle Online —

“I started making videos about seven years ago,” Jason Ganahl says about his early YouTube ventures. “Ironically, I taught myself how to make YouTube videos by watching how-to YouTube videos. I never really took it seriously, at first my goal was just to get 100 subscribers. We got to 10,000 subscribers.”

GQue BBQ YouTube ChannelBy teaching himself through other content creators and the rich resources of the internet, Jason was able to build his brand to an audience also obsessed with barbecue.

Like joining competitions as a judge, it all stemmed from passion and fun, not finances.

“You can’t get into YouTube thinking you’re going to make money,” says Jason Ganahl about building a YouTube channel.

“It’s a passion project. I would do it on the weekends, but as my kids got older, I just didn’t have time to do it. YouTube loves consistency, so now I just fired my channel back up and it feels like we’re starting from scratch. I’m on YouTube every single day now.”

As expected, the daily digital grind for Jason isn’t just publishing videos to YouTube. Rather, it’s a variety of social media platforms that allow him to engage with a community that shares the same passion or region as him.

QUe BBQ Instagram Page @gquebbqFor Jason, being on top of his digital game is a mix of connection and metrics.

“Your online reputation is pretty much everything nowadays,” admits Jason. “So, I look at Google and utilize that. I utilize the conversations I have with the employees that I have. I utilize the conversations that I have with the guests to utilize all the direct messaging that we get from all of our guests to kind of get a sense of where we’re at and what our perceptions are and in how we’re performing.”

GQUE BBQ Hall of Flame ClubWhen it comes to his own Digital Hospitality, Jason Ganahl is well aware of the power online resources give him and his GQue BBQ business. At first, the internet was the bridge for him to learn more about barbecue and become a judge at contests. Next, it was how he learned to make YouTube videos and build his brand. Now, it’s how he connects with his community and learns just how good of a job his business is doing.

GQue Barbeque staff photo

In addition to founding GQue BBQ, Jason Ganahl is also the founder of Ice Cream Farm.

So, what’s Jason’s advice for you when it comes to digital hospitality and building a brand online?

“Stop just putting pictures of food out there, people want to connect with you!” beams Jason Ganahl on the Digital Hospitality podcast.

Jason Ganahl GQue BBQ Podcast Interview“You can’t let the fraction of people who will judge you determine your outcome. You’ve gotta think about the 80% of people who want to support you and want to see you succeed. Innately, I think people want to help people and it breaks my heart to see people too scared to put themselves out there on social media because of fear of other people.”


Read more about Jason Ganahl and GQue BBQ on our Cali BBQ Media Blog.



GQue BBQ Awards and Honors

GQue BBQ Family Meal

  • Westword – Denver’s Best Chicken Wings, 2019
  • Eater – One of Denvers Essential BBQ Restaurants, 2019
  • Big 7 – Top 50 BBQ places in USA, 2019
  • Trip Advisor – #1 out of 213 Restaurants in Westminster, 2019
  • Food and Wine – GQue is Stop Worthy BBQ in Colorado, 2018
  • Insider – 9th Best Onion Rings in the Country, 2018
  • Thrillist – The Essential Denver BBQ Guide, 2018
  • Westword – Denver’s Best Barbeque, 2018
  • Eater Denver – Denver’s most Underrated Restaurant, 2018
  • Trip Advisor – #1 out of 194 Restaurants in Westminster CO, 2018
  • Taste of Home – Best BBQ in every state – Colorado, 2018
  • National BBQ News – Best of the Best BBQ Restaurants in America, 2017
  • Zagat – Must try BBQ Spot Around Denver, 2017
  • Westword – One of the Best BBQ joints in Denver, 2017
  • Chowhound – 50 States, 50 Amazing Barbecue Joints, 2017
  • Eater Denver – One of Denver’s Essential BBQ Restaurants, 2017
  • MSN – Top 35 Rib Joints in America, 2017
  • Trip Advisor – #1 out of 189 Restaurants in Westminster CO, 2017
  • 5280 Magazine – Denver’s Best Sausage, 2016
  • Westword – Brisket & Ribs named top 100 food items in Denver, 2016
  • Westword – Best Smoked Wings in Denver, 2016
  • Zagat – The Carolina Sandwich is one of the 11 Must Try Sandwiches in Denver, 2016
  • Eater Denver – One of Denver’s Essential BBQ Restaurants, 2016
  • Westword – One of the best BBQ joints in Denver, 2016
  • Zagat – Denver’s Hottest New Restaurants, 2015



About Jason Ganahl:

Jason Ganahl and his family pose together for a photo

Jason Ganahl has a passion for expertly-prepared meat, craft beer, and spirits. When he is not stoking the fire, he enjoys spending time his family and friends, and watching sports.

Growing up and living most of his life in Missouri, barbecue has been an important part of his life.

“I hope you enjoy eating GQue BBQ as much as I enjoy sharing it with you.” -Jason Ganahl

Champions work with champions. If you feel you have what it takes to make Denver’s best BBQ, you can fill out this application and email it to

Email Jason Ganahl at






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