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Enhancing the Customer Experience with Kshitiz Sanghi of Voosh

In This Episode

Interview Takeaways

  1. Voosh’s YC Program Integration – Voosh began as a participant in the Y Combinator plan. After going through the grueling course, Voosh is now backed by the great program that is meant to boost the entrepreneurial endeavors of start up companies.
  2. EZCater: Integration of Financial and Sales Reporting in Voosh Dashboard – Kshitiz Sanghi and Voosh have integrated with the EZCater program to simplify the reporting process for companies. The integration will aid with efficiently reporting every aspect from financial reports to sales numbers.
  3. Personalized Alerts and Notifications to Improve Digital Hospitality – Voosh has big plans for 2024. One of the major enhancements will be the implementation of personalized alerts and notifications to improve digital hospitality. According to Kshitiz Sanghi, companies that partner with Voosh will be able to set alerts to track customer feedback, send mass notifications to managers, etc.

In the dynamic landscape of technology and entrepreneurship, Kshitiz Sanghi emerges as a visionary co-founder, playing a pivotal role in the success story of Voosh. With a passion for innovation and a wealth of experience, Sanghi has navigated the challenging realms of startup growth and development. Along with his partner Priyam Saraswat, Voosh is striving to revolutionize financial management, sales tracking, and team accountability for businesses in the digital age.

In his interview with Digital Hospitality host, Shawn Walchef of Cali BBQ Media, Sanghi shares insights into the transformative experience of partnering with Y Combinator (YC).  Sanghi emphasizes the invaluable interactions with YC alumni like Airbnb and Stripe founders, who provide one-on-one sessions, sharing their success stories and case studies. The program culminates in a demo day, where startups present their progress to the world and kickstart their fundraising efforts. 

“The YC works like a startup school, like an accelerator, and you get divided into a group of three partners,” said Sanghi. “Then it’s like a one on one, they sort of help you, and they’ll tell via stories and case studies of how they succeeded, what problems they went through, etc.”

In discussing Voosh’s collaboration with ezCater, Sanghi highlights the platform’s integration, offering comprehensive financial and sales reporting. In an effort to further their digital hospitality endeavors, Voosh dashboard enables users to seamlessly track EZCater sales data, including commissions, deductions, and payables. The platform goes a step further by presenting this information in visually appealing analytics, simplifying the task of managing finances and sales within a single interface. Users can also download and share these reports, enhancing overall transparency and efficiency.

“So, EZCater we have integrated with in terms of the entire financial reporting along with the sales reporting.” said Sanghi. “Beautiful analytics. And then you can also download these reports, share these reports. So that just makes your entire job of managing the finances and sales part of ezCater in a single place, which is Voosh dashboard.”

Voosh has huge plans for the upcoming year. Sanghi sheds light on Voosh’s ongoing developments, particularly the alerts and notifications module. This feature allows users to receive customized alerts based on specific criteria, such as low-rated orders, high inaccuracy rates, or elevated dispute levels. Whether through SMS or email, Voosh empowers users to stay informed about crucial aspects of their business. This emphasis on personalized and specific notifications fosters a culture of accountability within the team, ultimately contributing to the overarching goal of ensuring customer success.

As he explains it, “With Voosh, you’ll be able to configure very personalized, very specific alerts and notifications to yourself and your team members. So that brings your entire team in a very accountable fashion to work towards customer success.” 

Kshitiz Sanghi, as a co-founder of Voosh, not only reflects on the platform’s collaborative efforts with ezCater and its commitment to innovation through features like alerts and notifications. Voosh, under Sanghi’s leadership, appears dedicated to streamlining and enhancing the operational aspects of businesses, offering a comprehensive solution for financial management, sales tracking, and team accountability. Voosh continues to boldly push the envelope of digital hospitality.

“I’m going to learn. But the only fail that I can, only fail forward, not backward. I cannot repeat what I’ve already done as a mistake. Any new mistake is welcome.”

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