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Education Leads to Engagement | Doug Scheiding of Rogue Cookers (Traeger Pro Team, Head Country Ambassador) | DH069

Podcast Cover Image - DH069 Doug Scheiding Rogue Cookers

Doug Scheiding is an aerospace engineer. Doug Scheiding is also a business broker.

But while this episode of Digital Hospitality is about multi-hyphenate Doug Scheiding, it’s not the merely the story of an aerospace engineer or a business broker. This is the story of a champion who gives his all no matter what.

“Whether you’re playing tiddlywinks or chess, do it 150%,” says Texas pitmaster and friend of Cali BBQ Media Doug Scheiding, a talented barbecue cook who holds the title of BBQ World Champion.

DH069 Doug Scheiding Grand Champion

“That’s my mantra. If you’re going to do something do it to the best of your ability and most things you can do very well if you put your mind to it.”


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Low and Slow BBQ Career:

For Doug Scheiding, a Lubbock, TX native and Summa Cum Laude graduate of Texas A&M, living in The Lone Star State and being book smart provided the perfect foundation to become a barbecue great.

Still, it was a low-and-slow start to his BBQ career.

“I couldn’t even cut the fat,” reflects Doug Scheiding, a Traeger Pro Team member and Head Country Ambassador.

Doug Scheiding Rogue Cookers Head Country AmbassadorOver time, Doug would take the same approach to learning barbecue that he did playing tennis or tidily-winks. Soon enough, he was improving his craft and competing with the best. Over time, competing with the best also meant competing with himself.

“Competition BBQ is a lot like golf,” Doug Scheiding notes on the Digital Hospitality podcast. “It’s really what you do that day, you can’t worry about who’s there.”

Despite comparisons to golf from a mental standpoint and Doug having a blown-out knee from years of tennis, competitive BBQ is not a country club sport.

Cutting his teeth in Texas, Doug Scheiding continued to refine his craft taking an approach that balanced both engineering analytics and gut instinct creativity. The former allowed him to understand the palette of his judges while the latter got him kicked off his team for going on his own and being ‘rogue.’

Ding, ding, ding! At that moment, Rogue Cookers was born.


Rogue Cookers:

Teaming up with his wife Jennifer Talley (a talented cook in her own right) for Rogue Cookers and taking his love for making food to online publishing, Doug kept doing things his own way and giving it 150 percent. Ever since, the aerospace engineer has been using his educational background to break down barriers in his food field.

“I like to tweak things, it’s part of the engineering thing,” says Doug Scheiding about being a BBQ pitmaster. “When I’m cooking at home, I’m practicing.”

Practice made perfect for Doug and so did being rogue.

The outcast member of his BBQ competition team was suddenly a winner in his home state in the most rogue of fashions.

“The rub that I used to win the Houston Rodeo was Harry Sue’s Jailbreak from California!” exclaims Doug Scheiding about his respect for the West Coast BBQ Movement.

DH069 Doug Scheiding Zoom Interview Screenshot 2Winning a BBQ competition in Texas with a West Coast rub sounds mythological, but Doug made it happen. Over the years, he has earned his hardware in the barbecue space and racked up an array of sponsors and fans.

Doug Scheiding is also an Embedded Correspondent on Greg Rempe’s The BBQ Central Show, the longest running in that BBQ podcast’s history.

The latter sees him taking his same 150 percent approach to building a brand on social media.

“I fashion myself as an amateur photographer,” shares Doug Scheiding about his photo skills. “The phone always eats first.”


Brand Building and Social Media:

A purveyor in food pics, the same man who couldn’t cut the fat would also not claim to be a natural in brand building.

Nevertheless, he’s taking the same analytical approach he learned in engineering mixed with his day job of being a business broker to make the most of his media expansion.

“Time is money and there has to be a goal for success,” Doug explains. “That’s the same thing for me with social media. Responding, being kind, that has to be part of the attention you pay to it.”

In the last year, an authentic mix of posting, responding and being kind has seen Doug’s digital following soar. Thanks to advice from fellow Traeger Pro Team member Danielle Bennett (Diva Q) about being consistent with his branding, Doug has dug into the online extension of his social presence and is enjoying the growth.

Because of this, he even has a few tips to share.

“Be the same on all social media platforms,” recommends Doug. “Be unique, make sure your name is available on all domains and lock it down – the same name, the same color scheme. Be consistent with your posting, too. I said on January 1st I’d post every day this year and I’ve gone from 2.5k to almost 14k and it was all organic. Be genuine and be true to yourself, because if you’re not people will see through it and move on to the next thing.”

Doug Scheiding Zoom Interview Screenshot 1For the aerospace engineer by education, business broker by day and BBQ champion for life, sharing what he’s learned on social media is just the latest evolution of a man who continues to care about the people and his process more than himself.

“It’s not about you, it’s about sharing and educating people,” Doug Scheiding says on digital growth. “If you educate people, they’re going to be more engaged. So, don’t concentrate on yourself, concentrate on the information you can give other people.”

Actually, maybe this isn’t merely the story of a champion. Maybe it’s actually the story of a teacher.

— Article by Cali BBQ Media Producer Ian Stonebrook @ianstonebrook



About Doug Scheiding:

Doug Scheiding started BBQing in 2009 on a stick burning offsets when a neighbor asked him to participate in a fundraiser where they placed third overall with a second in ribs and third in brisket. With Doug’s analytical background studying Aerospace Engineering at Texas A&M, combined with his competitive nature, Doug turned this one-time BBQ competition into a passion. He soon started Rogue Cookers, a grilling social media account to share recipes and BBQ tips, and has competed in over 100 BBQ cook offs with his wife of 30 years, Jennifer Talley.

“Cooking isn’t Rocket Science. But being a Rocket Scientist with a secret weapon doesn’t hurt.” – Doug Scheiding

Some of the barbecue awards Doug Scheiding has won include the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo BBQ World Grand Champion 2015 and Finalist in 2016 and 2017, San Antonio Rodeo BBQ Cook Off 4th Place Overall 2013, American Royal 2015 Traeger Royal Battle Champion in Pork, and Jack Daniels Invitational 1st Place in Cook’s Choice in 2015.

Doug has been exclusively using Traeger Pellet Grills for the past 6 years and is a Traeger Grills Pro Instructor who teaches BBQ Shop Classes, along with other Traeger sponsored events. Doug also is the Texas BBQ Correspondent for the weekly BBQ Central Internet Radio Show hosted by Greg Rempe and is a paid Brand Ambassador for Head Country BBQ.



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