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Cali BBQ Jalapeño Sauce Spices Up Sam the Cooking Guy Recipe on YouTube | Best BBQ Chicken Sliders

We are blown away that the iconic Sam the Cooking Guy used our Jalapeño BBQ Sauce on his popular YouTube channel.

Sam the Cooking Guy showed how he makes “The Best BBQ Chicken Sliders” using Cali BBQ Sauce on his YouTube show. We are honored and humbled for him to use our Cali BBQ Jalapeño BBQ Sauce in his chicken slider recipe for millions of followers.


Watch the Best BBQ Chicken Sliders recipe:


Our hope is you will taste test this Sam the Cooking Guy BBQ Chicken Sliders recipe at home (order our BBQ sauce online before you do) and share your own creations online for us to see and share. Connect at: @calibbq @calibbqmedia


Sam the Cooking Guy and Cali BBQ

Sam Zien is a friend (and reoccurring podcast guest) but you probably know him as the no-holds-barred host, cookbook author, and restaurateur with a taste for great food and bad words.

Inside the Graze kitchen with Sam the Cooking Guy

Sam the Cooking Guy’s multi-platform empire continues to evolve and grow in the digital age. His nearly 2.5 million YouTube subscribers — and counting — can attest that he makes magic in his kitchen and with his digital content.

Graze by Sam the Cooking Guy

Offline, Sam Zien is just as personable, hilarious, and caring as you would expect. If you’re in the San Diego area and you haven’t ordered from any of his restaurants, then you’re missing out on some great food and hospitality.



Speaking of great food and hospitality, you can watch Sam the Cooking Guy give us this amazing shoutout on YouTube.

DH066 Toast Eats by Sam Image from iOS

Many thanks to Sam “The Cooking Guy” Zien and his son and media mastermind Max Zien for making this cooking video and for all the fantastic other YouTube recipes and content they regularly publish. All of us at Cali BBQ and Cali BBQ Media are so happy to be included.

If you don’t already subscribe to Sam the Cooking Guy on YouTube, what are you waiting for


* Check out our Digital Hospitality podcast visit to Eats by Sam and interview with Sam Zien and Howard Solomon for a closer look at Sam the Cooking Guy and his business.

Podcast Cover Image - DH066 Sam, Howard, Toast


* Watch us go behind-the-scenes of the 2019 soft opening of Graze by Sam on our Cali BBQ Media YouTube Channel.


* You can find even more Sam the Cooking Guy content right here on CaliBBQ.Media.



Have you tasted our Original BBQ Sauce and Jalapeno BBQ Sauce? What did you think?

Let us know in the comments or by sending us a DM online to @calibbq on social media.


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