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Curiosity and Storytelling | Business Coaching Call with David Meltzer | DH055

Podcast Cover Image - DH055 Meltzer Coaching Call Storytelling from Bulgaria Episode

Lessons are best taught by stories.

As humans, we learn best by hearing — and making sense of — stories that resonate with us. It helps to better understand a confusing world to hear a narrative with a moral.

On this special episode of the Digital Hospitality podcast, we bring you inside another of Shawn Walchef and his mentor David Meltzer’s Business Coaching Calls. This time around the mentor and mentee were joined by David Moreno and Mike Mumola, two of David Meltzer’s business partners and fellow thought leaders in a conversation about curiosity and the power of story telling.

The nice thing about lessons is they’re best taught by stories,” David Meltzer said in this business coaching call broadcast live on social media. “The thing about stories is they use a different part of the mind. They make you feel a certain way and create memories.”



Digital Hospitality | David Meltzer Coaching Call

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Thank you for learning with us on this episode of Digital Hospitality. This is a repurposed podcast of a business coaching call that I had with my mentor, David Meltzer. Our conversation is about curiosity and storytelling.

We’re going to start releasing even more of these special episodes of shows and streams that I appear on, so stay tuned to our podcast website to stay up to date on the world of Digital Hospitality. Please leave the show a review on your favorite podcast platform.

We hope you enjoy this interesting conversation with educational entrepreneurs David Meltzer, David Moreno, and Mike Mumola.

Watch or listen to another of our coaching sessions right now on Cali BBQ Media online:

Podcast Cover Image - DH050 David Meltzer Coaching Call



Quotes from this Episode:


Be More Interested Than Interesting — “Growing up, I wanted to be a doctor because my mom always said, ‘Doctor, lawyer, failure.’ When I was in college, I went to go visit my oldest brother at the hospital and the first thing out of my mouth was, ‘I hate hospitals.’ He looked at me and he was almost in shock. He said, ‘You’re pre-med, you hate hospitals, but yet you want to be a doctor.’ That’s when he told me to be more interested than interesting.”

Who Helps Pull Your Wagon? — “There are those in life who make your wagon heavy, and there are those in life who help you pull your wagon when it’s heavy.” -Mike Mumola

Stories are Memorable — “Growing up, my mom would say, ‘How can you remember all these rap songs yet you can’t remember your history book? Why? Because it’s a story.” -David Moreno


Mike Mumola is an attorney, serial entrepreneur, investor, public speaker, personal/business coach, and mentor. He regularly represents and advises clients on a variety of personal, legal, and business decisions, as well as being a personal and professional source of insight, influence, and inspiration to a number of highly successful athletes, celebrities and business owners.



David Moreno has an extensive history of collaborating with companies as a consultant, litigation and legal expert, business advisor, motivational speaker, and facilitator — all while focusing on corporate wellness and mindfulness practices. With over a decade experience, he has assisted in the restructuring and improvement of business models through advising companies on motivational tactics, adding marketing expertise, and holistic business approach to every industry.



David Meltzer is the co-founder and former CEO of Sports 1 Marketing, where he utilizes his relationship capital and situational knowledge to secure diverse business opportunities for clients and partners. David has spent the last 25 years as an entrepreneur and executive in the legal, technology, sport, and entertainment fields with expertise across many industry verticals. David launched his career in sports at the world’s most notable sports agency, Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment, serving as CEO, where along with Leigh and Warren Moon, negotiated over $2 billion in sports and entertainment contracts.



Shawn Walchef tours Sports 1 Marketing with CEO David Meltzer

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