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2020 Stories and Lessons from Cali BBQ Media – Part 5 | Sam the Cooking Guy and Cali BBQ Sauce | DH077

Cali Comfort BBQ Sauces

2020 was full of Lessons and Stories we will always remember. 

One is the story of how Sam the Cooking Guy pushed us to start selling BBQ sauce online after his YouTube channel featuring our Jalapeno BBQ Sauce in one of his Sam the Cooking Guy recipes in late 2020.

Out of pure love and friendship Sam The Cooking Guy Zien and his son Max Zien integrated our Cali BBQ Sauce into the YouTube recipe for his Best BBQ Chicken Sliders.

We are now selling more BBQ Sauce online now then we ever have in-house for years thanks to digital Toast POS orders and new e-commerce platforms.

Toast POS Ordering Cali BBQ Sauce

Because Sam the Cooking Guy has a global audience, we had to quickly find out how to ship BBQ sauce to customers all over.


There were some significant bumps along the way, but that’s how all learning happens.

Sometimes you have to break a few bottles of sauce to build a sauce business. And that’s exactly what happened. 

Find out more about this starting a BBQ sauce business and shipping barbecue sauce learning opportunity in this Digital Hospitality podcast episode, the last of our 2020 Stories and Lessons series.

Cali Comfort BBQ Sauce comes in Original and Jalapeno flavors

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Digital Hospitality: A Cali BBQ Media Podcast
Digital Hospitality: A Cali BBQ Media Podcast

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