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The Robotics Revolution in Hospitality with Sudheer Sajja of Pringle Robotics

In This Episode

Interview Takeaways

  1. Increasing Digital Hospitality Through Robotics – Sudheer Sajja and Pringle Technologies provided aid for the worker shortage in the restaurant industry. After spending time hearing feedback, Sajja quickly realized there was a gap in the service provided due to workers being overwhelmed so he created Pringle Robotics to address that.
  2. The Journey of Robotics into Sanitization and Sterilization – COVID caused companies to pivot across the globe. The pandemic also provided opportunities for companies, such as Pringle Robotics. Sudheer Sajja and company created technology that helped the sanitization efforts across industries, including hospitals, airports, and schools.
  3. Promoting Robotics Through Education – Pringle Robotics is fairly new to the hospitality industry, but Sudheer Sajja and company are taking time to educate those who are interested in learning about their services. Sajja has a goal to provide an avenue to connect classroom learning that occurs in colleges to real world application.

Sudheer Sajja, the Founder of Pringle Robotics, recognized a pressing need for innovative solutions to address the worker shortage issue. Listening to feedback and observing the challenges faced by waitstaff, Sajja identified a gap in service that inspired the creation of Pringle Robotics. 

“We really thought maybe where we could add additional help to the waiters and waitresses was to actually build out a robot that actually would do the food runner job, essentially allowing for food to be sent from the kitchen directly to the tables.” articulates Sajja to host Shawn Walchef of Cali BBQ Media

The journey of Pringle Robotics extends beyond the confines of the restaurant space, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sajja and his team adapted to the crisis by leveraging their technological expertise to contribute to sanitization efforts across various industries, including hospitals, airports, and schools. The result was the creation of a productor utilizing UV sanitation and a disinfectant dry mist method, offering a comprehensive solution for hospitals, airports, schools, and beyond.

Sajja explains, “We need to get this fear out of people when certain crises come in. So look at it from addressing the problem instead of running away from it.” 

Pringle Robotics is committed to not just providing groundbreaking solutions but also to educating those interested in their services. Through this educational approach, Sudheer Sajja envisions not only promoting robotics but also fostering a deeper understanding of the transformative potential these technologies hold for the future. 

“The universities that we have are actually doing all the research, but the actual implementation of it, adoption of it is very slow, though. The universities are doing a good job of having these programs and people are writing white papers and things like that. But you cannot stop with white papers. You got to put white papers to work.”

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