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The Benefits of Partnering with Fooda – Carlos Chavira of Pancho’s Taqueria

Carlos Chavira is the co-owner of Pancho’s Taqueria (@panchostaqueira) in Massachusetts. Opening a restaurant was not his initial goal, but his sister convinced him to do so. With the help of Fooda, food technology platform that connects restaurants to people while at work, Chavira is attempting to get Pancho’s back to the trajectory it experienced prior to the COVID-19 impact.


Check out this Digital Hospitality podcast interview with the Fooda partner to learn about preferring Fooda over a food truck, self care at work, and the importance of following directions.


Interview Takeaways

Fooda over Food Trucks – Carlos Chavira has formed a beneficial partnership between his Pancho’s Taqueria restaurant and Fooda, a food technology platform that connects restaurants to people while at work. That has allowed him to have Pancho’s food in numerous places without the overhead cost of a food truck. 


Work Can Be a Form of Self Care – For Carlos Chavira, his coworkers have become family. Outside of his personal family, he feels as if he is a father figure in the restaurant. Though it takes long hours, Chavira is energized from being in the restaurant.


Following Fooda Directions – Carlos Chavira has found the secret formula to being successful with Fooda. The secret is there is no secret. He believes the most successful path is to follow what Fooda sets out for its partners.

Digital Hospitality is an interview-based video podcast hosted by business owner Shawn P. Walchef (@shawnpwalchef) and produced by his Cali BBQ Media company. The weekly digital series explores the ways successful businesses and entrepreneurs have merged old and new with innovative digital strategies that harness the power of the Internet and social media. Shawn is the founder of Cali BBQ Media and creator of the Restaurant Influencers podcast on Entrepreneur Media.

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