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Living to Maximize Your Potential

Mason Bendigo (@breathinairpod) is a former athlete that has channeled his energy into helping others by creating and hosting the Breathin’ Air Podcast. Bendigo strives to help others live a full existence by “breathing air”, a necessary component of life, into their listeners and help them unlock their full potential mentally, physically and spiritually. 


As the motto goes: “Everyday Action. Extraordinary Mindset.”


Check out this Digital Hospitality podcast interview with the Bendiog partner to learn about living in the dash, creative constructs, and the goals for the Breathin’ Air Podcast.


Interview Takeaways

Living in the “Dash” – It is inevitable that we all die at some point. For Mason Bendigo, it is important to create an enjoyable time in the “dash”. That “dash” is the time between birth and death.


The Idea of Creative Constructs – Consistency is difficult. Mason Bendigo implements the idea of creative constructs, which is structuring what and when content will be recorded and distributed, and non-negotiable accountability measures to stay on a sustainable pace.


Goals for The Breathin’ Air Podcast – Mason Bendigo strives to help a million people. The goal may seem lofty, but he believes if you shoot at the moon you will land on the stars, which is still successful.

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