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Rising Tide LinkedIn Live: What’s Stopping You?

Last week, the Rising Tide LinkedIn Live room discussed things, assignments, and mindsets that are causing them to have to wait. 

What was learned was that some participants are no longer waiting for anything, some progress is being paused by items out of their control, while others are actively working through barriers, alleged or otherwise.

Listen to the replay of the latest room where the participants discussed “What is making you wait” and follow Cali BBQ Media to keep up with the latest and join the rooms to tell your story and have your voice heard

Every Wednesday and Friday at 10am PDT, Shawn Walchef hosts the Rising Tide live room on LinkedIn. Leading voices in hospitality, and otherwise, from near and far join to discuss all things business and much more. 

Key Quotes

“I believe everybody wants to know what is the experience and what is the consistency and what am I delivering on? Because A: you deliver better service. And B: people feel like they belong more.” –Jason Berkowitz

“So, yeah, I’m not waiting on s*** anymore. Now it’s just about capacity management and prioritization and staying focused on those priorities.” –Troy Hooper

“Every time I feel like I’m getting into a lull and there’s buzz dying down about my brand, we do something to build it back up.” –Charlie Eblen

“How much capacity do I have? Like, yes, there’s hours in the day, but there’s also emotional capacity.” –Richard Liverman

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