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A.I. Tools For Restaurants Help Hospitality — Interview with Brendan Sweeney and Tony Roy of Popmenu

Every phone call is an opportunity for your business. AI makes it so you never have to miss a call again.

Popmenu cofounders Brendan Sweeney and Tony Roy were guests on the Digital Hospitality podcast to talk about how Popmenu Answering and other innovative technology tools are transforming restaurant operations for guests and staff alike.

Cofounders of Popmenu Brendan Sweeney and Tony Roy interviewed by Cali BBQ Media Founder Shawn Walchef in 2022 at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago

“Every phone call to your business is a transaction,” Tony Roy said on the podcast hosted by restaurant owner Shawn P. Walchef of

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  1. Front End Perspective: The founders of Popmenu consider themselves outsiders to the restaurant industry. Fortunately, that provided them a unique perspective of how more efficient practices and options would improve the customer experience.
  2. Pushing a Product vs. Solving a Problem: Popmenu’s AI based phone answering system is their latest cutting edge technology implementation that leads to their company mantra of solving problems rather than simply sell products.
  3. Thirst for Learning: One of the keys to Popmenu’s growth is their founders’ insatiable thirst to learning. They understand that being a perpetual learner is necessary to continued growth and improvement.


Check out the Popmenu interview to learn about business problem solving, AI solutions for restaurants, and the importance of being a perpetual learner.

01:02] – Popmenu’s Growth
02:01] – Founding Popmenu
05:14] – Restaurant Technology
09:47] – Popmenu Answering
14:18] – Always Be Learning


Restaurant Automation Technology:

More than 50 percent of restaurant guests are happy to have their questions answered by an automated system, according to a 2021 consumer survey, while nearly 20 percent preferred automated responses over having to speak with someone.

The truth is most people just want hospitality when interacting with your business, whether that comes from a person or artificial intelligence.

With automation like Popmenu Answering, team members can spend more time on in-person hospitality — and not being stuck to the phone answering simple questions.

“We met with thousands of restaurateurs, where you’re sitting in the meeting and you saw them having to get up or yell at somebody to go answer the phone,” Popmenu President Tony Roy said.

“The AI-based phone answering will essentially answer all the queries into the restaurant quickly and accurately.”

Popmenu has built its platform on providing answers and solving problems. Leveraging their experience as customers prior to joining the restaurant industry, the four co-founders of Popmenu had a front row view of the issues plaguing restaurants.

The founders combined their collective talents from their varying experience to come up with Popmenu, a digital hub that provides a suite of solutions for business owners that range from website design and hosting to unique, powerful menu options.

As discussed in the interview, their most recent product is an Artificial Intelligence, or AI, based phone answering service to add yet another layer to their already expansive solution oriented services.

“There’s a very big difference between pushing a product and solving a problem.” says Tony Roy. 

That mantra is the pillar philosophy for Popmenu. They exist to solve problems with their products. 

-Feature Article by Cali BBQ Media Writer TJ Void. Get in touch with TJ at


Popmenu Orange and White Logo

Popmenu Digital Tools:

Popmenu gives restaurants the power of digital hospitality through an all-in-one marketing tool for attracting and engaging guests.

  • Answer your phone 24/7 without pulling staff from in-person guests
  • Customized phone responses to fit your brand
  • Websites that meet guests where they are — whether its a phone, tablet or desktop
  • Online ordering that lives right on your website
  • Guest information collection build directly into menu experience and online ordering flow
  • Automated marketing tools that keep the cravings fresh and entice guests back again and again


Popmenu specializes in transformative online and on-premise technologies that help restaurants increase brand visibility, guest engagement, revenue and profitability. The company is a leading innovator in digital marketing and ordering technology that works with over 10,000 independent restaurants and hospitality groups.


Digital Hospitality is an interview-based video podcast hosted by business owner Shawn P. Walchef. The weekly series explores the ways successful businesses and entrepreneurs have merged old and new with innovative digital strategies that harness the power of the Internet and social media.


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