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Enhancing Your Restaurant Atmosphere with Ben Sennet and Tammy Evrard of Atmosphere

Every year, restaurant and hospitality leaders gathered at the National Restaurant Association, or NRA show. This year, host Shawn Walchef (@shawnpwalchef) met with VP of Enterprise Platform Sales, Ben Sennet, and VP Sales & Brand Partnerships, Central Region, Tammy Evrard, to discuss how Atmosphere ( helps restaurants take on the the challenge of keeping customers engaged. 


Atmosphere is a company that offers entertainment solutions, and recognized the opportunity to reach captive audiences in venues like doctor’s offices and laundromats during the pandemic. By diversifying their offerings, they prevent boredom and aimless scrolling, effectively promoting brand visibility for both corporate entities and smaller franchise locations. 


Watch and listen to this week’s episode to learn more about Atmosphere and the company’s incredibly important role in Digital Hospitality.


Interview Takeaways:

The Purpose for Atmosphere – Engaging customers is extremely important to restaurant owners. Atmosphere allows owners to have options for their television screens beyond the standard, redundant sport shows and highlights. 


Diversifying During Covid – With the obvious shift in the restaurant business during COVID, Tammy Evrard says Atmosphere had to follow suit and go where the people were still going. Doctor offices, laundromats, etc were places people went and waited while watching television screens. Therefore, an opportunity to diversify was present.

Love for the “Little Guys” – Atmosphere provides service at the large scale corporate and smaller franchisees. For Ben Sennet, it is important for Atmosphere to be a part of the marketing strategy for the smaller entities and play a role in engaging their community on a local and national level.

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