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Creating New Technology Habits with Tim McLaughlin

Tim McLaughlin is a technology savant. His company, GoTab (, pushes technology, such as QR codes, to the forefront of the hospitality industry by putting the guest at the center of the POS experience. 


“I would say get a demo if you want to actually know.” McLaughlin tells host Shawn Walchef (@shawnpwalchef) of  “All the stuff I touched on [in the interview], that’s like one of 40 things that we do that nobody else in the industry does.”

Listen and watch the full Digital Hospitality episode and let us know your experiences with QR Codes.


Interview Takeaways

The Psychology Behind Changing Habits – Using QR Code ordering, even after the pandemic, still requires a level of habit breaking for consumers. Tim McLaughlin approaches habit changing by addressing pain points. For him, you can find ways to create “pain avoidance”, habits can start to change.


Digital Hospitality Revolution – Tim McLaughlin is an engineer by trade. However, the upcoming movement into a more digitally forward hospitality space brings him great joy. He is set to ease the angst of customers with ordering food digitally, especially because society orders essentials online everyday using platforms like Amazon.


The Truth Behind QR Menus in Restaurants – QR Codes are a divisive piece of technology in the restaurant space. Tim McLaughlin believes that is due to the widespread misunderstanding and misuse of them within restaurants.

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