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Digital Resources and Help to Inspire Restaurant Owners | Shawn Walchef on Corner Booth Podcast | DH071

There’s a reason we recommend every restaurateur read Restaurant Startup and Growth and join

Having up-to-date information aggregated from experts in the industry is vital to staying current in any business, especially for restaurant owners and operators.

As we built up Cali BBQ and evolved the restaurant over the years, a vital and inspiring resource for us has always been the articles and industry data found on

Restaurant Owner 3 Skills GraphicThe Corner Booth Podcast, hosted Barry Shuster and Chris Tripoli, is a production of and RS&G Magazine. They invited me to be a guest in early 2020 to discuss being a restaurant owner, third party delivery, events, online marketing, our Digital Hospitality thesis, and why Cali BBQ became a media company.

CORNER BOOTH: Listen and learn wherever you enjoy podcasts.

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About the Corner Booth Podcast:

Hosted by Chris Tripoli and Barry Shuster, the Corner Booth is a podcast for “anyone who is starting a restaurant business, growing an independent restaurant business, or dreaming about starting an independent restaurant business.

Corner Booth is a production of and its official magazine, Restaurant Startup and Growth.

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About RS&G and

Restaurant Startup and Growth magazine is the restaurant industry’s leading print resource for restaurant operators who want practical insights and real world practices on opening, operating and building a profitable, successful restaurant business. Restaurant Startup and Growth is a unique information resource because, like, it is for both startup restaurateurs and seasoned veterans of independent and emerging chain restaurants.

Learn more at:

Restaurant Owner Success Stories



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