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Coaching Call with David Meltzer: Unlocking the Secret to Success

In This Episode

Interview Takeaways

  • The More You Receive, The More You Give – Big crowds and hundreds of thousands of followers was not always the reality for David Meltzer. Regardless of the size of the audience, though, Meltzer made it a self appointed obligation to give 100% of himself at all times.
  • The Key to a Successful Show – When it comes to B2B success, David Meltzer believes that the key element is communication and connection. More importantly, he believes that having engagement with the decision makers will open doors to other decision makers.
  • The Power of Content Frequency – In the content creator economy, good content is paramount. David Meltzer happens to believe that the process of creating content is overthought, and the quality is tied more to the intention than the alleged results.

Discover the keys to thriving in the content creator economy with David Meltzer’s invaluable guidance, shared during a recent coaching call with Cali BBQ Media.

Digital Hospitality host and Cali BBQ Media owner Shawn Walchef has had the pleasure of having world renowned entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, and business coach David Meltzer as a friend and mentor for a number of years. 

In the latest of the live coaching calls, Meltzer divulged the secrets behind his successful coaching business. The first of which is to give freely.

The Universal Principle of Giving

On the call, Meltzer emphasizes the timeless principle that giving precedes receiving. Whether speaking to one person or addressing a massive audience, Meltzer believes in giving 100% of himself at all times. 

“The more I give, the more I receive,” he asserts, highlighting the importance of embodying generosity and authenticity. “I will utilize all that I’m given, not all that I’m receiving, in order to amplify my essence.”

The B2B Success Catalyst

Meltzer carries the importance of communication over to business. In the realm of B2B success, Meltzer underscores the pivotal role of communication and connection, specifically establishing a bond with decision-makers through what he labels a “communication charter”.

“You want to bond with a communication charter with the B2B decision makers,” Meltzer advises. “Connect with the decision-makers, and others will follow.”

Content Creation: The Quality is in the Intention

Meltzer goes on to dispel myths about content creation by highlighting the thought process that quality is determined more by intention than perceived results. He shares that he believes that content quality hinges on frequency and alignment with the audience’s needs and preferences. 

“The number one problem that most people have, they use judgment and separation in order to determine, this is good content or this is bad content.” Meltzer explains. “All content, in my opinion, is quality determinative upon the alignment.”

Uncover the secrets to content success with David Meltzer through coaching session replays for actionable strategies and profound wisdom that will propel your journey.

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