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The Beauty of Automation with David Joseph

David Joseph is the co-founder of DAVO by Avalara. What began as just an idea, has flourished into a near necessity of any business’ tech stack by filling the essential gap of handling business taxes.

“In your business book, there are plenty of things to stress about,” says Joseph to Digital Hospitality host Shawn Walchef of “Don’t have undue stress and sales tax is just one of those things. There is no reason to stress about it when there is a tool out there to automate it and make it better and easier for you.”

That tool is DAVO by Avalara, which has created an automated system that stashes a company’s sales tax to help ease the angst of tax obligations when it comes time pay those annual or quarterly dues. 

The idea for DAVO wasn’t Joseph’s first idea, but it came about as a necessity after personally feeling the tax time pinch. 


“Why can’t you take 7% of my credit card sales and just put it aside? I’ll be 80% there at the end of the month automatically,” inquired Joseph at the time with “there” being the amount needed to cover tax expenses. Though banks weren’t about to automate this process for him, Joseph says “the idea just stuck with me”. With the blessing of his accountant, he pressed forward with his idea of automation.


Starting a business is difficult. Starting a restaurant business, is a word that supersedes that descriptor. However, DAVO provides an important service that is meant to take at least one thing off the overflowing plate of responsibilities for restaurant owners. That hospitality is built from a foundation of people believing in Joseph before believing in his product. 


“We were out to dinner the other night with a friend of ours, and they were like, we knew nothing about what you were doing. We wanted to invest in you. We believe in you.” recalls Joseph. 


Joseph now pays that deposit of belief forward by providing automated tax savings for companies providing them an opportunity to keep their dreams of ownership alive without the fear of drowning under the pressure of tax bills. 



Interview Takeaways

Finally, a Good Idea – Prior to the technology stage that we currently live in, many things that are currently commonplace were not. Thanks to a little encouragement from his accountant, David Joseph stuck with an innovative idea he had that was the precursor to what would become DAVO.


People Invest in People – When David Joseph and his partner started DAVO, they went through the customary phase of raising money. At a recent dinner, friends and family divulged that their investment was in David, more than DAVO. They may not have completely understood the concept, but they understood David’s passion, and that was enough.


DAVO by Avalar Eases the Stress of Taxes – In short, DAVO is a tool that accounts for and files taxes for businesses. As a result, David Joseph and the crew often receive kudos from their customers for all but eliminating the stress of having to separate and file taxes to their respective states. Also, increasing the businesses efficiency and allowing business owners to get back to running their business.

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