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Transforming Your Online Presence featuring American Factory Wheel (DH 012)

Transforming Your Online Presence episode of Digital Hospitality

Josh Casillas took an idea almost 20 years ago in his garage and turned it into reality. American Factory Wheel was a dream that came true because of hard work and a clear vision.

That hard work never ends. In fact, with success comes even more work. It’s a long journey when you run a business.

Josh Casillas approaches life and business in a way that is about making an impact.

Behind the scenes of American Factory Wheel on the Digital Hospitality podcastOn this episode of Digital Hospitality, we go on the scene of the new American Factory Wheel location in Santee, California, to talk about making a new e-commerce website, adapting a business for the mobile phone era, sobriety and self-improvement, and providing Digital Hospitality in all ways.

Josh Casillas is a friend of Cali BBQ Media and someone who we have utmost respect for, as a business owner and a human being.

American Factory Wheel is the San Diego area’s premiere wheel repair specialist. Not only that but they specialize in providing Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) factory wheels to all sorts of customers, online and off.

In the American Factory Wheel warehouses in San Diego there are thousands of used stock rims in amazing condition waiting to be purchased by a happy customer. They even ship anywhere in the world with UPS.

You can also sell your wheels to American Factory Wheel on their website

In true Digital Hospitality fashion, you can interact with the company in many ways online. They guarantee quality work, timely responses, and a great experience, no matter where you interact with them, whether on their website, the phone, or in person.

Polishing rims at American Factory Wheel in SanteeOver the years, Josh Casillas has transformed his business in many ways. One is his online presence. From Instagram, to Facebook, to Twitter, wherever customers are, so tries to be American Factory Wheel.

It started with more social media posting. Now he’s A/B testing targeted advertisements online. Digital growth is always an evolution.

“It just clicked in me not too long ago,” Josh Casillas said. “This is what we need to be doing right now. It’s important for us to have this presence and be consistent with this presence on social media with content.”

Josue Castillo at American Factory Wheel on Digital HospitalityThe online efforts are working. Hundreds of people have agreed so far on Yelp that American Factory Wheel deserves a 5 star rating. That number is rising day by day.

“A bad review can actually be a good review. It’s constructive criticism, right?” Josh Casillas said about online reviews of his business. “So you grab that, you fix what needs to be fixed at your business.”

You can find American Factory Wheel (AFW) pushing the envelope all over the Internet, especially with their sleek new website at It’s still a work in progress. Anyone who has created a new website knows that it takes a lot of time investment.

The small business has invested heavily in getting all their inventory up on their website so people can find it.

“We need a presence obviously,” Josh Casillas said. “The website is important. Switching our business into an e-commerce business is the future.”

The business owner said he’s excited to do even more to increase his online presence, including media marketing. He understands the importance of publishing content to a global audience using the power of the Internet.

Shawn Walchef hosts Digital Hospitality podcast from American Factory Wheel in San Diego, CaliforniaWe couldn’t agree more. It’s the entire reason this podcast exists. If you’re not being found online, you’re not being found. A great way to be found is with dynamic content.

Just take a look around you. Do you see someone on their phone? Your wife, your children, your friends, your coworkers, you, they all search for information online.

Ask yourself this: When people search for your business online what are they finding?

Go ahead and try it right now.

That’s what we did and that’s what Josh Casillas did.

No matter what business you are in, you need to be discoverable online, especially on the cell phone.

“If we don’t show up where people are, it’s going to be difficult to do business in the next 5 years, in the next 10 years,” Shawn Walchef said in this Digital Hospitality podcast episode.

Josh Casillas is also a member of the Pro Football Ultimate Fan Association (PFUFA) and devoted Chargers fan with endless Bolt Pride. You might know him as his alter ego, the NFL Road Warrior.

The NFL Road Warrior and Shawn Walchef from Cali Comfort BBQThe PFUFA’s ideals of fellowship, sportsmanship, and charity are traits it shares with Josh. You can apply those ideals to business as well, he said. It’s important to give back however you can.

“Being around all those people and the PFUFA, has really taught me a lot of things as well,” Josh said.

He learned online strategies and got ideas from the PFUFA through observation and being aware. “Through social media, seeing other fans and their teams, and what they do … you just grab that and apply it to your business.”

About American Factory Wheel —

American Factory Wheel is owned by Josh Casillas. They are located in Santee, California, 8745 N. Magnolia Ave., #D.

AFW provides OEM factory wheels online, as well as services for dealerships, insurance companies, retail wheel and tire stores, and collision shops.

Get in touch with AFW by phone at 619-795-1048.

Visit AFW online at





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