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Spark LA served by Toast is the Most Important Restaurant Event in Southern California

Are you a restaurant owner or industry leader looking to take your business to the next level?

If so, mark your calendars for Spark LA served by Toast, the biggest restaurant event in Southern California, hosted by Toast on March 20th. This event is designed to help you stay on top of the latest industry trends, technological advancements, and community insights.

Spark is a tech-focused event and a community gathering for all restaurant owners and industry leaders. Toast invites everyone, whether or not you’re a current Toast customer, to participate and collaborate in shaping the future of the restaurant industry.

At Spark, you’ll hear from a diverse group of speakers, industry experts, and panelists who will share their insights on the challenges, opportunities, and best practices for running a successful restaurant business. Whether you’re interested in restaurant operations, marketing, finance, or technology, there will be something for everyone at Spark.

In addition to the educational and inspirational sessions, Spark will provide ample opportunities to network and connect with other restaurant owners, industry experts, and Toast representatives. You’ll have the chance to ask questions, share your experiences, and learn from your peers.

To add to the excitement, Cali BBQ Media’s owner Shawn Walchef, will be conducting live interviews with Restaurant Influencers right there on site in LA, and he needs your help booking guests. 

Joining Shawn will be fellow Restaurant Idea Factory host and restaurant growth advisor Kyle Inserra (@kyleinserra). Kyle is the host of The National Restaurant Owner’s Podcast and Commercial Real Estate School podcast and will share the expertise he has gained in over 20 years in the business with all in attendance.

This is your chance to be part of the conversation and share your insights and best practices with a broader audience. Don’t miss this opportunity to join the biggest restaurant event in Southern California and be part of a rising tide that lifts all ships in the restaurant industry. Register below for Spark LA served by Toast and take your restaurant to the next level.

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