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You Can’t Replace the Human with Salem Najjar

Salem Najjar (@servehg) is a serial entrepreneur, visionary, and CEO of SERVE Hospitality Group. His group is responsible for one of the largest franchisees of Tropical Smoothie Cafe in the Midwest with a total of 16 total units. As a certified CPA, Najjar uses his financial acumen to catapult his business ventures. Times have changed since he opened the first Tropical Smoothie, but even with the influx of artificial intelligence, Najjar still believes that some things are irreplaceable.

Listen or watch this interview with Najjar done at the Restaurant Transformation Tour put on by Restaurant365 to learn more about how businesses can remain valuable, doing things right, and the importance of human touch.


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Interview Takeaways

Businesses Can be Successful but Not Valuable – Salem Najjar has had the fortune of being extremely successful building Tropical Smoothie franchises. One of the reasons for that is his understanding that the true value of a business is in its processes, procedures, and surrounding company culture.

If You’re Going to do Something, Do It Right – It’s a self explanatory concept. Salem Najjar advises any one that will listen to give their all to what they are doing. He attributes his success to being able to focus on his goals and strive to be the best Tropical Smoothie Franchisee.

The Crossbreed of Restaurant365 and Human Interaction – Salem Najjar was a speaker at the Restaurant365 Transformation Tour. As a Restaurant365 customer, he echoes the Tropical Smoothie CEO’s sentiments that technology will continue to be an increasing part of business, but there is no substitute for human interaction.

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