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Shawn Walchef Talks Smartphone Storytelling on The Top Business Leaders Show

The Spot On Series Show put on by Rise25 invites guests to speak candidly about their experience with business. Cali BBQ Media founder Shawn Walchef was a guest on the show recently where he spoke about his journey with digital hospitality and the importance of businesses being digital first. 


Listen to this interview to learn more about the digital hospitality hack and how Walchef believes that customer service isn’t enough. 

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Interview Takeaways:

The Importance of Being Digital First – Shawn P. Walchef is clear about one thing: every business needs to be digital first. Leaning into the idea of digital hospitality not only saved what was a failing business, but has created a new, thriving business unto itself.


The Digital Hospitality Hack – Digital Hospitality has been an extension of the hospitality present in Shawn P. Walchef’s brick and mortar Restaurant. The simple act of listening and responding as opposed to simply ignoring online feedback has been an aspect of hospitality that has set Cali BBQ apart from other businesses.


Customer Service is Bulls- According to Shawn P. Walchef restaurants have a distinct advantage over other businesses when it comes to digital hospitality. Other industries rely on positive customer service experiences, which Walchef believes is only the surface level of hospitality. True hospitality goes beyond customer service.

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