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Rising Tide LinkedIn Live: How to Keep Digital Receipts

Last week, The Rising Tide LinkedIn Live community hosted by Cali BBQ Media discussed digital receipts. Digital receipts are loosely defined as a documentation of the process; whatever that process may be.

The room participants were encouraged to share stories about what they are building and how they are sharing that with the world. 

Every Wednesday and Friday at 10am PDT, Shawn Walchef hosts the Rising Tide live room on LinkedIn. Leading voices in hospitality, and otherwise, from near and far join to discuss all things business and much more. 

Listen to the replay of the latest room where the participants discussed their digital receipts and follow Cali BBQ Media to keep up with the latest and join the rooms to tell your story and have your voice heard

Key Quotes

“The easiest way for you personally, whoever’s listening to this, to become a media company is to start to document, not just documenting, but using your phone, using photos, using video, using words, using images to share the things that you believe in, the things that you care about, the things that you’re building.” –Shawn Walchef

“You really do want to capture it in the moment. And it’s that idea that as pure as an idea comes in that moment, capture it. Don’t, you know, try to get it in any form, because there’s something there in the genesis that’s magical.” –Jason Berkowitz

“Investing in the things that you’re passionate about, I have found, can many times lead to surprising and pleasant, if not unexpected results.” –Kyle Pfluger
“What you do in showing that content is you’re teaching people your process and what it’s like for them to work with you. And so I do think that part is important.” –Elizabeth Doss

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