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Rising Tide LinkedIn Live: Tips on a Successful National Restaurant Association Show 2024 for Attendees

How do you navigate large industry events?

In preparation for the upcoming National Restaurant Association show in Chicago, this week’s Rising Tide LinkedIn Room was all about best practices while attending large events. 

Industry expos and conferences can be exhausting and frustrating if not approached correctly. The consensus in the room was if funds are going to be allocated to events, they should be valuable to business and individuals. 

Walchef provided a great example of how to capture content at events when he visited the The International Pizza Expo & Conference.

Every Wednesday and Friday at 10am PDT, Shawn Walchef hosts the Rising room on LinkedIn. Leading voices in hospitality, and otherwise, from near and far join to discuss all things business and much more. 

Listen to the replay of the latest Rising Tide LinkedIn Live room where the participants discussed everything from what to wear to setting meetings. Follow Cali BBQ Media to keep up with the latest and join the rooms to tell your story and have your voice heard.

Key Quotes

“When you come to these big shows where all of these incredible people are there, the other best advice that we can say is to plan who you’re going to meet with and when you’re going to meet with them. It is way too big of a show to think that you’re just going to go.” Shawn Walchef, Cali BBQ Media

“If there’s somebody that you want to meet or see, speak, plan your schedule accordingly, because restaurant leaders will be on various stages or, you know, sitting in the corner of the floor with, you know, seats set up for the audience.” –Laura Wilber, Dinova 

“Reach out to everyone, all of your prospects, all of your clients ahead of NRA if you’re going and tell them you’re going to be there. I’ve been able to get meetings with prospects that haven’t answered me in three, four months.” -Jordan Silverman, Starfish

“Set up meetings in advance, if you can, and then make sure you hit those and then let the rest of it just, you know, happen.” –Jesse Turner, JJT Design 

“Be strategic and have a purpose…But I always try to focus on what’s the best return we can produce with the time we spent, because you’re taking it away from your family, your friends, and your business. So come back with something more important.” –Michael Ungaro, San Pedro Fish Markets

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