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Rising Tide LinkedIn Live: How to Tell Your Story Better

No one is coming to tell your story.

Storytelling is a vital tool for any brand looking to grow and create a loyal customer base. Many leaders struggle with out to do so consistently and effectively.

Every Wednesday and Friday at 10am PDT, Shawn Walchef hosts the Rising Tide live room on LinkedIn. Leading voices in hospitality, and otherwise, from near and far join to discuss all things business and much more. 

Listen to the replay of the latest room where the participants discussed Telling Your Story and follow Cali BBQ Media to keep up with the latest and join the rooms to tell your story and have your voice heard

Join today’s room to join in on these important conversations.

Key Quotes

“What resonate means is that somebody’s going to feel something. People don’t remember what you say. People don’t remember what you do. But like Maya Angelou said, people will remember how you make them feel. If you can make them have an aha moment or a tearful moment or a, yeah, I’ve been there. I lived that. That is a problem that I face every day or I have faced before. If you can get those moments elicited in the conversation, in the storytelling, then it is a worthwhile story to tell because it’s going to impact somebody.” -Troy Hooper, Hospitality Guru

“For me to just simply ask or just say, how does this relate to you? What’s your one word? When does just a little bit more to translate it to? I’m telling you something of my experience so that you can internalize it and recognize it and identify your experience. So we continue to learn. Just always ask that question. So what?” -Jason Berkowitz, ArrowUp Training, Founder

“If that story resonates enough in you that you feel compelled to share it, then I think it takes the pressure off yourself to try to think for a thousand people and just talk like you’re speaking to an audience in one.” -TJ Void, Writer/Author

“The lessons that I’ve learned over the last three years is, you know, simply do the work, put in the effort. Tell your story. I would never be where I’m at today if it wasn’t for being uncomfortable and listening to other people’s points of view and doing things that I never would have done before I started this brand and met the people in this room. So get uncomfortable, put in the work, tell your story, and even if you don’t feel like you’re doing a good job of it, somebody is watching, somebody is listening, and it will resonate with someone and you can make an impact far greater than you would ever imagine.” -Charlie Eblen, Single Tree BBQ, Founder

“There’s nothing more important than being able to tell your story because it allows you to really hone in and focus on the things that are the most important for you.”  -Kristopher Groves, PassPass, Dir. of Business Development

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