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From Feeling Powerless to Being Powerful | Ryan Grilz and Danielle Grilz (Ry&D Show) | DH096

From Feeling Powerless to Being Powerful Digital Hospitality Podcast episode

On the surface, Ryan Grilz and Danielle Grilz fit the bill of a Power Couple to a T.

However, the term ‘power couple’ generally denotes a romantic union magnified by the individual’s combined influence and earnings.

The young and attractive husband and wife duo of Ry & D (Ryan and Danielle) naturally project the textbook image of the picture perfect partnership with pull, making the most of modern media with backgrounds in fitness and music, respectively.

Ryan and Danielle Grilz are Ry&DWhile #relationshipgoal aesthetics and dream industry endeavors back the power couple stereotypes, it’s not gym gains, financial success or likes that prove their power.

The power of Ry&D comes from vulnerability and uplifting others.


Ryan Grilz and Danielle Grilz interview on Digital Hospitality:

Ryan Grilz and Danielle Grilz were guests on the Digital Hospitality podcast where Ry&D opened up about their journeys, gave advice on life and business, and shared tips and strategies for social media marketing and digital content creation.


“I had to deal with very, very bad situations such as a gun to my head,” recalls Danielle on her traumatic past. “That’s where I felt inspired to want to help others.”

For Danielle, a difficult dating history plagued by domestic violence led her to be an advocate in uplifting women. Spiritual healing and her own divine path led her to Ryan, a once undersized kid suffering from multiple sclerosis who later became bodybuilder big but not without baggage.

“I feel like I’m 90 years old,” notes Ryan on the aftereffects of using performance enhancing drugs at a young age. “My body hurts, every joint hurts, I’ve had two shoulder surgeries, my back hurts and my knees have been blown out. It’s awful and when I look back at what inspired me to do that is why I’m an advocate of doing things correctly and understanding the risks.


Sharing Stories Online to Help Others:

In January 2019, the power couple who spent much of their lives feeling powerless started The Ry&D Show as a way to share their story and help others. The pair pride themselves on helping others find their own self-worth and confidence through holistic practices, relationship coaching and modern media.

For Ryan, putting himself out there in the digital world was not easy whether it was personally or professionally.

I’d never made a Facebook in my life,” laughs Ryan Grilz about his early social media experience.

“I’m thirty-one years old and I’ve never made one. I never was on social media and I thought only about doing business with people in person. Then life changed last year, and we really cranked up our digital media presence and aligned ourselves to the right marketing individuals. The floodgates are open because there’s no way, especially with the light in the landscape of COVID, to be able to do what we can do without social media.”

Ryan and Danielle Grilz on Digital Hospitality podcast in May 2021Despite success in professional endeavors and the support of a loving wife, Ryan’s hesitancy to put himself out there online was much like the rest of us.

“I didn’t have the confidence,” admits Ryan. “Or I thought someone did not value what I had to say. So, that’s important for anyone out there that is apprehensive or thinks that what they have to offer is subpar to someone else. You’re wrong. What everyone has to say, whether celebrity, A-list or athlete or just someone that is a typical startup in any town in the world, you have something to offer and people can resonate with that.”

By being vulnerable, sharing his story and not second guessing himself, Ryan has been able to grow more comfortable in a space he never even understood. For him and Danielle, putting themselves out there has been rewarding from a personal growth standpoint and for the growth of their business.

“Danielle and I put our heart out there and there is intentionality,” shares Ryan Grilz on the Digital Hospitality podcast. “There is a strategy behind it. It is 1000% necessary to have digital hospitality to grow in today’s age.”

For a guy who didn’t even have a Facebook the first three decades of his life, Ryan now calls an Instagram page ‘the modern-day resume’ and has expanded into podcasting with his wife.

“To Danielle and me, it’s important for us to connect with people on this type of a platform and media,” says Ryan on podcasting. “Because without that, you only get some layers on some of the social media aspects.”


How Do You Work With Your Partner?

So, Ryan and Danielle have shared their struggles to help others, stepped into the wild world of digital media and do it all together. Life must be easy, right?

“People ask me all the time, ‘How do you do it with your spouse?’” starts Danielle. “I will tell you today we are neck and neck with each other sometimes. We’re able to keep each other accountable and we offer something for each person. I can help him, he helps me and that builds this beautiful foundation. So, if you’re wondering how we do it, we have our own offices and we communicate a lot and hold each other accountable.”

Holding each other accountable is important for their growth as people, partners and entrepreneurs. While the close quarters and shared goals allow that to optimize, they both seek the help of a business coach, friend of the podcast David Meltzer, for third-party mentorship.

To no surprise, they feel others should, too.

“I feel like every single person on this earth needs a mentor,” states Danielle. “Because the knowledge that they acquire and have acquired over several years can be very beneficial to not only your personal self, but your business as well.

Ryan echoes that sentiment.

“You can’t put a price tag on a coach,” notes Ryan.

With the help of Meltzer, their pasts and their partnership, Ryan and Danielle are helping others through the power of audio storytelling. It’s cathartic for them and has the power to inspire many more looking to grow.

“People connect through stories,” points out Ryan. “You have a story to share. You just have to put it in words.”

As The Ry&D Show grows, Ryan and Danielle Grilz look to build a community of listeners that understand the pain they’ve went through, the growth they’ve experienced and the inclusion they look to provide.

“Our whole thing is to allow people to feel that they’re heard and that they belong,” closes Ryan. 

“We’re not perfect and I think when you bring your guard down people like that. You have to show that you’re authentic, you’re genuine and you’re showing up. I think people relate so much more and I think that’s what people appreciate: consistency and transparency.”

Powerful, indeed. Relationship goals redefined.


— Feature article by Cali BBQ Media content creator Ian Stonebrook. Get in touch with Ian @ianstonebrook on Social Media. 

Danielle and Ryan Grilz on Digital Hospitality podcast episode 96


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