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No Fear of Failure: Scott Kaplan’s Journey from Old to New Media (DH 006)

Is the radio business dead? The answer depends on who you ask. This week’s guest Scott Kaplan, a veteran of the broadcasting industry, would argue that audio storytelling is not dead, but very much alive and thriving thanks to technology and digital distribution.

Scott Kaplan is all-in on whatever he does because “failure is not an option.”

The digital revolution has impacted many industries, and change can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. For those people like Scott Kaplan with an open mind and a drive to always grow, the future is bright and only getting brighter.

Don’t wait for change to happen, make change happen. A broken industry won’t fix itself.

Has your business been disrupted by technology? What have you done to evolve? Listen and learn online

Shawn Walchef and Scott Kaplan in Kaplan's home podcast studioOn this episode, Digital Hospitality host Shawn Walchef visited Scott Kaplan’s spacious podcast studio at his home to talk to the San Diego sports entertainment personality, media entrepreneur, and all around great guy. 

The duo spoke in depth about Scott Kaplan’s fascinating career, his tech startup, the radio business, digital broadcasting, online marketing, and much more in the uncensored conversation between friends.

Shawn Walchef at Scott Kaplan's home studioScott Kaplan hosts his own Scott Kaplan Solo Podcast and is also host and executive producer of the Scott & BR Show, which was formerly on the Mighty 1090 in San Diego and Los Angeles.

In addition to being an on-air personality, Scott Kaplan is also involved with various San Diego area charities like Computers to San Diego Kids and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Scott Kaplan on Behind the Smoke podcast in 2017In 2017, Scott Kaplan appeared on Shawn Walchef’s former podcast Behind the Smoke.

Shawn Walchef has been a fan of Scott Kaplan for a long time.

Scott Kaplan and Shawn Walchef“I was thinking… when did I start listening to Scott Kaplan in San Diego covering sports,” the Digital Hospitality host said. “I was coming back from college. (Me and my friend) were driving home and I asked him just a random question about what kind of music he listened to. 

He says, ‘I don’t listen to music in the car.’ I said, ‘What are you talking about?’ He says, ‘I listen to sports radio.’”

“(Jim) Rome, Kaplan, that’s it. I was like, ‘I love sports. Why am I not listening to sports talk radio?’ That was an Oh Shit moment for me.”

Scott Kaplan on the Digital Hospitality podcastFast forward 15 years later in the middle of the Chargers bid to build a stadium in San Diego. Shawn Walchef had the opportunity to go on Scott Kaplan’s show to talk about the San Diego Love Letter Challenge.

“I never thought that as a barbecue restaurant owner ( I would be here and consider Scott Kaplan as much of a friend as I do consider him.”

That’s how Digital Hospitality works, good things don’t just happen. You make them happen.

Shawn Walchef hosts Digital HospitalityOne of the main reoccurring themes of this episode is “stop thinking, start failing.” Both Shawn and Scott know what it’s like to do both. But they each continue to push forward and adapt. It’s the only way to grow.

Scott Kaplan credits Shawn Walchef as one of the main forces that propelled him into podcasting.

“You have to be wiling to pivot,” Shawn Walchef said. 

“You have to be in constant motion, one foot in front of the other,” said Scott Kaplan. “Failure is not an option… it’s just the way I’m wired. I can’t stop.”

Digital Hospitality podcast interview with Scott Kaplan in his home podcast studio

This week’s episode is sponsored by Scott Kaplan’s company

“Sided is a digital space for reasoned public discussion. A new way to debate the topics of the day, with a clear view of all perspectives, even those you don’t agree with. Get in the game, take a side, debate your friends (maybe your enemies too) and let your strong opinions be heard and rewarded!”


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