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Cali BBQ Catering Team Excels at Digital Hospitality

Cali Comfort BBQ catering article

When it comes time to cater an event, you want to make sure all the details are taken care of so you can focus on the big day. That’s where Cali BBQ steps in to help.

From the moment you visit the BBQ catering page on you’ll have a streamlined ordering experience. By the time your event happens all you’ll have to worry about when it comes to food is what smoked meat you’re going to pile on your plate first.

Private Parties at Cali Comfort BBQ
Private Parties at Cali Comfort BBQ

You can look at the catering options online at

Cali Comfort BBQ’s goal is to make your event even more special with simple online ordering, and fantastic in-person food service of slow-smoked BBQ and classic Cali BBQ sides. Digital Hospitality is all about bringing great service to you in both the physical and digital worlds.

Making barbecue is hard work. Ordering catering online let’s you focus on the fun while we handle the work. We’d be honored to serve you.

In the embedded video shot by our team at Blue Vision Entertainment, Cali Comfort BBQ was asked to cater the San Diego Lighting Associates Vendor of the Month gathering. On that Tuesday, Cali Comfort BBQ served more than 120 happy people.

“We are honored to take the responsibility of doing all the slow-smoked food,” Cali Comfort BBQ owner Shawn Walchef said at the SDLA vendor event in San Diego.

Cali BBQ Catering
Cali BBQ Catering

Full-service catering available

Catering Manager Steven Swiderski laid out the mouth-watering Cali BBQ menu that day: “We have competition-style brisket, smoked for 16 hours overnight, low-and-slow pulled pork, Cali tri-ip, reverse seared after an hour-and-a-half smoke, wedding beans, coleslaw, and jalapeño cheddar cornbread. It’s phenomenal.”

For Samantha Swiderski, working on the BBQ catering team means meeting lots of great people. It’s always a fun experience catering a special event.

“I love meeting all the different people,” the Cali Comfort BBQ employee said. “My favorite event that we’ve done so far was my first catering event because I just jumped in. I got my host shift covered so I could cater for Shoot to Cure down at Petco Park. That was a lot of fun.”

Shawn Walchef said the Cali BBQ catering team wants to make it easy for people to make their BBQ catering requests online, which is why the website is customized for convenience. It’s the Digital Hospitality way.

Cali Comfort BBQ online ordering

Simple to Order BBQ Online

It should be easy to buy BBQ whether it’s a catering request, or just ordering lunch for delivery.

“We set it up through our website ( so they can fill out a request form. That gets sent in an email to Steven and within 24 hours he’s going to respond to that email,” Shawn said about the website’s streamlined catering request process which is handled online.

When it comes time for the event, the BBQ catering team continues its carefully planned procedure along the way.

“It’s important to follow your checklist. I like to get to work early beforehand so that way I know what I need to grab, what needs to be stocked,” Samantha said.

“We provide everything,” Steven said. “Tables, food, plates, cutlery, napkins, BBQ sauce…” That includes set-up and tear-down and whatever else needs to be done to make sure the food service goes smoothly. “We will take care of everything.”

If you want to have Cali BBQ catering at your event, use our online forms at

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