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Sales Tales: Hustle, Humor, and Lessons | Mandi Graziano (Sales Coach) | DH116

Mandi Graziano was a guest on the Digital Hospitality podcast talking about her book Sales Tales.

Mandi Graziano has lots of Sales Tales and lessons to share after living the hustle herself.

Business and sales coach Mandi Graziano is our guest on this episode of the Digital Hospitality podcast, where she shared stories and lessons about sales, writing a business book, digital marketing, and much more.

Learn more about Mandi Graziano at

Mandi Graziano Sales Coach and Author Interview on Digital Hospitality podcast

Mandi Graziano, author of Sales Tales

Mandi Graziano was an author her whole life; she just didn’t have the title.

Always carrying around a journal, Mandi kept track of her observations in her everyday personal life and her blossoming career in sales. While building relationships and crushing quotas, the dream remained alive of writing the next great fantasy book based on a fictional character crafted from her imagination.

However, a plot twist occurred: yes, Mandi was an author, but she was actually the hero in her own non-fiction story.

“I ended up writing a fun business book instead,” smiles Mandi Graziano on the Digital Hospitality podcast.

Mandi’s first book, Sales Tales, tracks the trials and triumphs she has experienced in all her years on the job.


Hiring a writing coach and going through over 70 journal entries that detailed her clients, conversations and closings, she sought to bring the same sense of joy, curiosity and adventure she enjoyed in her personal reading to that of the often-dry business book world.

“I wrote it because I really wanted to disarm the stigma of sales,” admits Mandi Graziano. “I believe so deeply that we all need sales in every part of our life — our personal lives and our professional lives.”

Professionally, this proves true for Mandi’s peers who are incredibly acute analytically but may lack the messaging to sell themselves or their ideas.

“I have great friends that are inventors and they are awesome at engineering,” begins Mandi, “But they don’t know how to make a pitch. I’ve got great friends that are really good at time management, but they don’t know how to say no, set boundaries or make a presentation. So, I wrote Sales Tales with all these different people in mind.”

Just like a journal, Sales Tales is personal when it comes to revealing the details of Mandi’s day from the real-life interactions to the vulnerable inner dialogue.

I share all the stories,” notes Mandi. “I share stories from people that I’ve worked with that I admire, and I share stories about bad clients. It’s all to be as much of a sales advocate as I possibly can, because we need it. We’ve got to get comfortable with it.”

More Stories and Lessons from Mandi Graziano:

This even includes stories about one of the most difficult parts of working in sales: getting rid of your own clients.

“I tell deep, detailed stories about firing clients,” shares Mandi. “If you wake up with a gut pain because of a client or because of customer feedback from them, it’s not worth it.”

Always an advocate of preparation, Mandi’s years of journaling put her in a place to write a book that serves its readers and creates a new lane for business books.


Now officially an author – as well as a public speaker, public speaker, conference specialist, hotel expert, sales professional and business coach – Mandi Graziano is sharing her story through Sales Tales while working on the sequel through living and journaling.

A storybook ending, indeed.

— Feature Article by Cali BBQ Media Writer Ian Stonebrook. Get in touch with Ian online @ianstonebrook.


Sales Tales by Mandi Graziano

Mandi Graziano Sales and Business Coach

Mandi Graziano is a sales and business coach. She is also vice president of global accounts for HPN Global, “one of the hospitality industry’s largest site selection/venue finding and meeting planning companies.”

Sales Tales: The Hustle, Humor, and Lessons From A Life in Sales is available on Amazon:

Learn more about Mandi Graziano at

Digital Hospitality: A Cali BBQ Media Podcast


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