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Managing Your Digital Doorways | Avi Goren (Marqii) | DH093

Digital Hospitality podcast interview with Marqii CEO Avi Goren

There’s a lot of ways to find your business online. Sometimes it feels like there’s too many digital doorways, right?

Our Digital Hospitality Podcast guest, Marqii CEO Avi Goren, wants to help businesses be everywhere at once online. He co-founded the hospitality technology company to help create digital operational efficiencies for restaurateurs.

Managing dozens of digital touch points is a major pain point for restaurants and other operations that regularly deal with online ordering and reviews.

Each online place a guest can interact with — and order from — your business is a doorway to your brand.

For a hospitality business this is a pain point in need of a solution.

What do you do when the Internet has created so many different entrances to your business, with each requiring regular maintenance and care? Enter Marqii.

Marqii Menu Management Made Easy

Marqii promises “menu management made easy.” That means: 

  1. Instant updates.
  2. Accurate information.
  3. Time saved.


Marqii at Cali BBQ:

Marqii was founded in 2016. Its headquarters are in the Greater New York Area.

The Marqii Base service costs $74.99 per location. It gives the ability to update menus and location data on more than 75 different listings from one simple dashboard. 

Google Customer Actions dashboard on MarqiiThat way when people are searching for your “food near me” on Google they are finding up-to-date, accurate information about your business. 

Now that we subscribe to Marqii’s Professional service ($119.99/month) our staff can quickly and easily update all of our published location information, and also has the power to monitor and respond to online feedback on Yelp and other review websites.

Cali BBQ on Marqii reviews

That’s an important feature for us at Cali BBQ because engaging with our customers and responding to their concerns and compliments is a core pillar of our business.

Most of the reviews Cali BBQ receives online are made on three places: Yelp, Facebook, and Google. Marqii combines the flow of reviews from all three of those websites into one place which our staff can use to respond to and monitor feedback.

When your hours change or you have 86’ed a menu item you want to make sure all the places your guests can buy from you online are correct. And when someone has a legitimate gripe, you want to be able to listen and respond to it as soon as possible.


Learn More About Marqii:

Schedule a Marqii demo at

Follow Marqii on social media: @getmarqii 

Email Marqii: 


Digital Operations Efficiency With Tech:

Marqii’s tech promises to lead to an increase in efficiency with your digital operations.

That’s what we’ve seen at our restaurant Cali BBQ since we’ve implemented Marqii into our tech stack.

Before we started using a menu management system, our restaurant managers used to have to log into many dozens of websites, taking many hours of tedious work, just to update a piece of information about our business, such as a link, a photo, or a menu item.

Marqii helps us with management of online menus and online reputation, both of which in turn allow us to show up more in local searches, like when people type “Barbecue Near Me” into a search engine and we pop up on page one of the results.

All you have to do is add or edit information and the system automatically pushes that change out to whatever platforms you want to be active on.

Learn more about Avi Goren and Marqii by listening or watching this episode of Digital Hospitality. For more podcast interviews visit

Digital Hospitality podcast interview with Marqii CEO Avi Goren

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