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Lions don’t lose Sleep over Fretting the Sheep | David Meltzer (DH 022)

Learn to Live Like a Lion featuring David Meltzer

Every day, David Meltzer wonders: How can I be of service.

David Meltzer is an entrepreneur, author, coach, speaker, and humanitarian.

Yet, his greatest success is watching others succeed.

“More and more is coming to me, I’m just making room for it now,” David Meltzer said on the Digital Hospitality podcast. “By being of service, and asking for help.”

This is an episode that we’ve been waiting to do since Digital Hospitality began. David Meltzer has not just found success in business. He’s found success in life.

There’s few people more inspiring than David Meltzer. His life’s mission is to empower more than 1 billion people to be happy. He’s well on his way.

Because when you have a positive impact on one person, and they in turn go on to impact another, then you’re on your way to impacting the world.

We sat down in David Meltzer’s office at his Sports 1 Marketing in Irvine, California, to talk about building relationships, effective marketing strategies, finding your frequencies in life, and the importance of gratitude.

It was the day after the Super Bowl LIV when we visited Sports 1 Marketing to spend time with David Meltzer and his amazing staff and interns.

Not only did we record an in-depth and inspiring podcast with the mentor of many David Meltzer, but we got a tour of the Sports 1 Marketing operation, learned more about his tremendous team, and — as a BBQ Media Company does — fed them slow-smoked pulled pork, wedding beans, and some of our other specialities.

Next time, we’re bringing brisket. That’s a promise. We take our Media as seriously as we take our BBQ.

Learn how David Meltzer has inspired us at Cali BBQ Media and how he can inspire you toward your own greatness on this episode of Digital Hospitality. 

There are new episodes of Digital Hospitality to watch, listen, and read every week. 

Let us know how we can help you and be of service.

Spreading Goodness, Showing Gratitude:

One of David Meltzer’s mottos lays out his mission simply: Make a Lot of Money, Help a Lot of People, Have a Lot of Fun.

Shawn Walchef tours Sports 1 Marketing with CEO David Meltzer“There’s a lens that I look through life with, and it’s not just one lens it’s a Kaleidoscope. It has three different colors to it.” David Meltzer said about his Meltzer Kaleidoscope. 

The first lens is Gratitude, finding the light and love in your past, present, and future.

The second lens is Productivity, figuring out how you can be of service, help, and provide value.

The third lens is Accessibility, not merely being available, but striving to impact as many as possible in the flow of life.

When you combine all three, you have a deeper way of experiencing existence.

Finding Customer Touch-points:

David Meltzer strives to connect with people as much as he can.

These days, one of the most convenient ways is through your cell phone. That’s a powerful tool that you carry in your pocket.

David Meltzer at Sports 1 MarketingThrough digital content publishing online, David Meltzer and his media team are able to spread his messages to the world in the form of video, audio, and writing. It’s done wonders for David Meltzer.

But don’t underestimate the power of a voice call, especially in an age where people are usually more prone to fire off a quick email or text than actually dial someone up.

In his content and in his communication, David Meltzer always wants to provide value to others.

Drawing inspiration from modern marketing masterminds like Gary Vaynerchuk, David Meltzer has been able to merge the old school and the new school into his own new way of reaching audiences through publishing perpetual content online and personal interactions.

“I started saying, ‘The World is My Stage.’ What if I captured what I was doing correctly. How much more value, how many more hundreds of thousands of dollars of value (could I create).”

We live in a world where you have to be digital. You have to think about all the touch points that a customer takes to your business, whether you offer a product or a service. 

You also have to be in the hospitality business, no matter your industry.

That’s not just customer service. It’s much more than that — hospitality has to be at your core.

That’s the essence of Digital Hospitality and something that David Meltzer has in his DNA.

“Owning one customer for life is way more than serving one customer for a day,” David Meltzer said.

David Meltzer talks to Shawn Walchef at Sports 1 Marketing in Irvine CaliforniaAlong with co-founding Sports 1 Marketing with Warren Moon, the Hall of Fame Quarterback, David Meltzer has had a long career as an entrepreneur and executive. Previously, David Meltzer was CEO of Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment.

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