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Inside the National Restaurant Association Show 2024

National Restaurant Association Show Youtube Video

The annual National Restaurant Show is about much more then food, tech, and business — it’s about building connections and supporting each other.

We explored the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago again this year to learn about the most influential brands and technologies available today.

We also made sure to spend time with the amazing Digital Hospitality community of industry leaders as much as we could even with our non-stop filming schedule.

Every day at 4:30pm during the show we held public meet-ups at the “Big Sign” at the entrance of the show.

So many selfies and smiles were shared.

The Digital Hospitality leadership community gathered at the National Restaurant Association sign on opening day of the annual conference in Chicago.

Magic happens when you take time to meet up with your online connections in person.

Cali BBQ Media at Restaurant Show

The Cali BBQ Media team travels from San Diego to Chicago every year for the National Restaurant Association Show.

Bill Oakley and Shawn Walchef are recorded for the Restaurant Influencers series at the National Restaurant Show in 2024

You can always expect lots of on-the-floor content as they dig into what makes the top brands and people successful.


Tens of thousands also make the trip to the Windy City to learn about the best digital hospitality tools and also to magically run into celebrities like Robert Irvine and others who we are lucky to call friends and mentors.

We’ve featured Robert Irvine on our Restaurant Influencers series before and has always supported Cali BBQ Media.

Check out GRUBBRR to learn why Chef Robert Irvine not only uses them in his restaurants, but why he is also an investor in the company.

Follow @shawnpwalchef and @calibbqmedia on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and wherever else you watch content for more coverage from the National Restaurant Association show.

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