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How To Make Social Media Easy | Clubhouse Roundtable Series | DH117

Clubhouse Podcast Roundtable - How To Make Social Media Effortless

Social Media is an important tool for all business owners. But how do you make it easier to post content everyday?

Our Clubhouse Roundtable Series dug into the topic of How To Make Social Media Effortless so we could brainstorm tips and content ideas to help make posting to social media easier to do.

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How To Make Social Media Easy —

You’ve got to build this into your life, but it does not have to be all consuming,” Troy Hooper said in the Digital Hospitality Clubhouse room. “You do not need 15 platforms. You do not need to dominate on all of them. You need to get started by pulling your phone out…”

As proven by our guests on Digital Hospitality you don’t need a production crew or fancy equipment to grow an audience on social media — you just need a story to tell and your smartphone.

“You don’t need a fancy camera. You sure as hell don’t need fancy lighting,” Troy continued. “You can tell big pieces, little pieces, things about tomorrow, things about your origin. The content never ends.”

When you focus on only trying to get the largest follower count possible or view numbers, you’re missing the point. Not everyone will get millions of followers (and those numbers you see are often artificially inflated anyway).

“I think when you start focusing on growing as much as possible or you’re comparing yourself to other people, it becomes more of an effort,” shared Corey Nelson, content producer for Best Served Creative.

“That’s a hard thing for people because they want to quit when they see that they’re not hitting those numbers or are not growing as fast as they would like.”

Greg Rempe from The BBQ Central Show has been working for years to grow a passionate and engaged audience online. “I love my audience,” he said while admitting that, “I’m not happy with how quickly I grow.

“I might not have 125,000 followers on Instagram, but when I post, I do get a large percentage of engagement from my audience, which to me signals that there’s a little bit more buy-in from my folks… so at least my fan base seems to be engaged.”


Change Your Social Media Mindset —

When you’re stuck in the mindset of only wanting to get more followers, you’re missing out on the potential joys and benefits of social media, which is to be social.

“We really need to honor the followers that we already have and show up for them because they want to know more,” said Elizabeth Doss of Izzy Ink Studios.

“They want to see you. They want to remember you.”

One way to make social media effortless is to focus on quantity over quality. Online more is often better. That’s because they more places you show up, the more places followers can find you and your message.

“You can create a habit for yourself by doing quantity,” Stover Harger III from Cali BBQ Media said in the Clubhouse conversation. “And we know that social media needs to be a habit. Or else, let’s be honest, we won’t do it.”

“I’m always at my best on social media when I’m doing it every day and I’m thinking about it every day.”



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