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Dynamic Pricing and Restaurants

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How restaurants are using technology like Juicer to stay in business and serve more people

It’s hard keeping a restaurant open.

Thankfully new tools are helping restaurant owners adapt to a changing world where it costs more and more to stay in business.

Cali BBQ Media founder Shawn Walchef was a guest on NewsNation to talk about how restaurants like his are using technology like Juicer and Toast to help stay in business.

“It’s very hard in this business,” Shawn said to NewsNation TV host Keleigh Beeson. “Most restaurants are go out of business in the first three years… I have some close friends here in California that have closed restaurants that have been open for 10 years.”

“For us that’s why we lean on technology.”

Ashwin Kamlani, CEO of JUICER, said dynamic pricing is a solution that helps everyone at the end of the day.

Juicer Price Forecasting

JUICER analyzes historical sales data to predict demand for each item on the menu. The technology sets optimal prices that automatically update in a restaurant’s point of sale system, such as Toast.

“When data is used correctly to drive decisions around how to price each menu item on each channel at each location, the results benefit both restaurants and consumers.”


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