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Being Digitally Proactive with Troy Hooper and Massimo DeMarco

Digital Hospitality host Shawn Walchef (@shawnwalchef) of and special guests Troy Hooper, serial entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of Kiwi Restaurant Partners (@apineappleperspective) and Massimo DeMarco, CEO of Ghost Kitchen Brands and Founder of Kitchen United, as they discuss how the digital era is transforming the restaurant industry. 


In this episode, which took place during last year’s National Restaurant Association Show, they explore the benefits of closing knowledge gaps and improving communication through technology.


“Digital Hospitality is a blending of two worlds,” says Walchef. “We became a barbecue media company and we teach restaurant owners, business owners how important storytelling is.” 


Learn how Cali BBQ Media’s philosophy of “Stay Curious. Ask Questions. Ask For Help.” is more relevant than ever in the digital age, and how Troy Hooper believes that help is now more accessible than ever before, and how you can take advantage of it.


In this episode Massimo DeMarco also shares his insights on the importance of being prepared to pivot in an increasingly digital world and advocates for automation and robotics in the restaurant industry.


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Interview Takeaways

Digital Storytelling Evens the Playing Field – Shawn Walchef, host of Digital Hospitality, Troy Hooper, and Massimo DeMarco have all embraced the digital era. According to Walchef, not only does it close knowledge gaps, it also closes the loops of communication so people are able to obtain information at a more evenly distributed level.


Asking for Help is Necessary and Easier than Ever – “Stay Curious. Ask Questions. Ask For Help.” Those are words that Cali BBQ Media was built on. For Troy Hooper, they believe those words ring true and help is more easily accessible today than ever before. 

Prepare Proactively – Massimo DeMarco is a proponent of automation and robotics. With the world becoming increasingly digital, he warns restaurant owners of the perils of being unprepared to pivot and the benefit of being proactive.

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Digital Hospitality is an interview-based video podcast hosted by business owner Shawn P. Walchef (@shawnpwalchef) and produced by his Cali BBQ Media company. The weekly digital series explores the ways successful businesses and entrepreneurs have merged old and new with innovative digital strategies that harness the power of the Internet and social media. Shawn is the founder of Cali BBQ Media and creator of the Restaurant Influencers podcast on Entrepreneur Media.

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