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Data Storytelling with Tom Rutledge

Tom Rutledge (@rdmsgroup), the owner of outsource accounting firm RDMS (Restaurant Data Management System), is a problem solver. Speaking with host Shawn Walchef (@shawnpwalchef) of at this year’s Restaurant Transformation Tour put on by Restaurant365, Rutledge speaks on how their systems have proven to be a valuable tool for his company since its adoption in 2017. While there was some initial hesitation among team members, the unexpected changes caused by the COVID pandemic accelerated their adoption of the technology.


Rutledge understands the importance of digital hospitality and engaging with customers through various channels as a necessary component to success in today’s climate. A part of that Digital Hospitality is ensuring that the RDMS story is being told consistently. 

Watch and listen as Tom Rutledge discusses how his company has pivoted to embrace being outside of their comfort zone. Also, grab your tickets to the Restaurant Transformation Tour 2023 coming to a city near you!

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Interview Takeaways

Going All In with Restaurant365 – Tom Rutledge positions RDMS as a service company that uses technology; not a technology company. One of those pieces of technology is the services of Restaurant365. Though everyone wasn’t on board immediately, the unexpected changes due to COVID expedited the buy in.


Digital Hospitality Requires Full Engagement – With all of the ways to receive feedback and market beyond food sales, Tom Rutledge still feels that many restaurants miss the mark to fulfill their digital hospitality duties. As he says, if you are missing that mark, “you might as well be selling bad food”. 


The Pitfalls of an Accounting Mindset – As accountants, Tom Rutledge and RDMS was admittedly focused on the numbers and their products. Unfortunately, that didn’t bring enough attention to the products they had to offer. They know they can help people, and have since included intentional efforts to share their story and become more recognizable as a brand. 


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