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#091: Delivering Necessary News as an Anchor & Weather Reporter – Heather Myers

Heather Myers – CBS 8 & The CW San Diego – @heathermyerstv – San Diego, CA

Podcast recorded live above the butcher shop at Valley Farm Market in Spring Valley, California.

Heather Myers YouTube Highlight Reel

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  • Heather Myers is the morning anchor and weather reporter on CBS 8 in her hometown of San Diego.
  • Winner of eight Emmy Awards, Heather also works as a NFL Sideline reporter, debate moderator, and is a mother of two.
  • Heather explains her duty to report stories that benefit the community and highlight positivity rather than sensationalize and create negativity.
  • Being pushed out of her comfort zone: Heather shares how she overcame being a weather reporter with no prior experience.
  • The importance of accountability when news outlets don’t report information correctly.

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Shareable Quotes:

  • “I really had no business doing this because I was so nervous. But it’s like anything else. Enough time and doing it every single day. And you sort of work out the kinks and then after a while you don’t think about it.’ {15:42} – Heather Myers
  • “I do feel like boys are lost in this a little bit. We need to be raising strong boys into strong men who are examples. We cannot forget about them.” {23:06} – Heather Myers
  • “It really is just show up positive attitude and work harder, be the hardest working person in that room every single day.” {44:10} – Derek Marso

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