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#044: How to Organize a Charity Barbecue Event – Americas Finest BBQ State Competition

Ed LaVelle – Director of the San Diego Police Museum / Bill's Blue Line BBQ Team / America's Finest BBQ State Competition – San Diego, CA- @AMFinestBBQ
The America’s Finest BBQ State Competition will debut its first year this September 15th at the Bay fair in San Diego! The driving force behind this competition is Ed LaVelle who caught the BBQ bug while working for the San Diego Police Department.

Ed shares his event experience and the ups and downs of planning events in San Diego

BBQ competitions are about bringing people together and giving back to the community.
Links Mentioned in this Episode:
America's Finest BBQ State Competition

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America's Finest BBQ on Twitter

San Diego Bay Fair


San Diego Police Officers Association

Ballistic BBQ

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Quotes / Snackable Takeaways From This Podcast:
“We want to make history.”

“I slapped one of my friends with a rack of ribs.”

“BBQ events are about giving back.”

“America’s Finest; because it is on our cop cars and our city.”

“(Ed has the) Best mustache on the show so far!”

“It’s all about growing the sport of BBQ.”
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