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#043: How This Innovative San Diego Real Estate Team Became a Multimedia Content Company – East County Eats

Kyle Whissel and Bryan Koci – Host and Producer of East County Eats, Owner and Photographer/Videographer of Whissel Realty – San Diego, Ca – @eastcountyeats

Kyle and Bryan use East County Eats as a helpful extension to their real estate business at Whissel Realty.

Kyle has been in the real estate industry for 20 years.

Kyle Whissel is the host of East County Eats and Bryan Koci is the producer.

Whissel Realty is a Mom and Pop real estate business owned by Kyle Whissel in East County that is trying to do things that nobody else is doing.

East County Eats is helping out businesses in East County by featuring them in videos and their top dishes.

EXP Realty is now the cloud based broker for Whissel Realty.

Kyle believes that residential real estate is where it's at – you get to become a part of people's lives and make more friends vs being in commercial real estate.
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Quotes / Snackable Takeaways From This Podcast:
“Everything is moving to the cloud”

“Utilize Facebook Live and video”

“If it is good quality, it has the potential to go viral”

“Quality content always wins”

“The real estate market is really good right now”

“Residential real estate is the place to be”
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