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#027: From Catering and Vending at Farmers Markets to Opening a Barbecue & Beer Restaurant – Corbin’s Q

Corbin O'Reilly – Corbin's Q , San Diego, CA – Santa Maria Style Barbecue   Instagram: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Yelp: The Knot: Youtube: Tap Trucks: Tap Trucks Instagram: Tap Trucks Twitter: Tap Trucks Facebook: Ole Hickory Pits: Grill Grates: Weber Grills: Del Mar BBQ Championship Facebook Event: Spring Valley Tailgate & BBQ Festival: Upcoming BBQ Events and Competitions: Thank you to Jet West Band for our epic Intro Jingle! Jet West: Corbin O'Reilly – Corbin's Q , San Diego, CA – Santa Maria Style Barbecue   Corbin Started his BBQ journey at 22 years old Grew up on a cattle ranch in San Luis Obispo, which sparked his interest in BBQ He participated in 4H Was inspired by family BBQs growing up Prides himself on santa maria style Tri-tip, which uses red oak, only found in California and is created in an open pit Caring and taking pride in your product, love and passion will shine brighter than boasting about who is the “best” It is important to recognize the mentors that have helped you along the way He started in the farmers markets and to become successful and gain access to some of the exclusive markets he learned by taking notes and understanding the market La jolla farmers market was their first market Poway farmers market has been the biggest success Built his own grills It is important to abide by health department standards and to care about the well being of the people who are eating your food Corbin dialed in his menu at farmers market He met his wife at county fair and proposed to her there 5 years later Family is an important support that helps you reach your business goals Uses the slice line method to improve customer service by allowing customers to talk directly to the person preparing their meal It is important to constantly improve your business People have to be willing to make mistakes to learn and improve Corbin’s Tri tip has four ingredients and is not marinated They use Garcia’s Firewood for their red oak supply Corbin’s Q business partnership with @TapTrucksd ABC attorney Bill Winship Important to use your nose when you show up to a BBQ restaurant Crucial to respond to reviews and let them know that you do care and you gave it your all and are proud of your product It is important to embrace all platforms and protect your brand online Understand that everyone has there own opinion Took Corbin three years to perfect his recipe for chicken He steams ribs in apple juice when they come off of the grill When creating menu prices, many aspects come into play When you hire other agencies to come in and help with your business, you may lose your voice It is important to have your own hands in as many aspects of your business as you can Utilize technology and apps on your phone to streamline business, find which ones work for you Reach out to businesses and learn, ask questions Know your market and embrace them When you determine your budget, triple it. Always ensure you have a reserve, and backup for unforeseen expenses You can’t rush BBQ. #1 Rule When supplying a service have contracts so that you can protect yourself and ensure that the customers know exactly what you are providing Have a setup and exit strategy and work with your event planner Soft opening for Corbin’s Q, currently have 10 employees Important to document everything that happens with your employee…

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