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#026: Working Hard to Fulfill Your Dreams as a Restaurant Owner – Albert’s Mexican Food

Albert Garzon, Albert's Fresh Mexican Food – 4 locations in San Diego, CA #PrayForVegas  Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:  Ole Hickory Pits: Grill Grates: Weber Grills: Del Mar BBQ Championship Facebook Event: Spring Valley Tailgate & BBQ Festival: Upcoming BBQ Events and Competitions: Thank you to Jet West Band for our epic Intro Jingle! Jet West: Pray For Las Vegas: Route 91: GRAPHIC Video from Route 91 Shooting: FOX News Story on Albert Garzon:   Albert Garzon, Albert's Fresh Mexican Food – San Diego, CA It has been so damn hot in San Diego. Record breaking high temperatures this past week in SD. VFM compressors went out, thanks to Joey for getting them back on and running. SVBBQFest2017 – going to be a great day of BBQ Thanks to Josh Kueber at Nexgen: Crystal Clean Car Wash – In San Diego 4 or 5 locations now Shout out to Gary & Kelly at Northwestern Mutual Big Green Egg Hot Sauces n More shoutout to Clint Nelson (@clientnelson1980) in Tucson – On an epic bbq journey – keep sharing your photos/videos with us Clint! You always need to ask for help! You can't do it all. Shout out to Rodney in Fort Wayne – Hit us up on social media and let's chat!  2 sites to use – NBBQA $50 annually – huge restaurant tool! Knowledge is power and we are here to help you learn! In San Diego, We have the best Mexican food in the world and Albert's Fresh Mexican is on the top of our list! Before owning Albert's Mexican Food, he was a plastering contractor in construction. Albert and his buddies always would love to go get Mexican food at night after drinking Albert would love to pick apart Mexican places and take notes on all the other taco shops about what he would do differently to make it better. Albert started thinking of his own version of a taco shop the way he wanted it. Albert had a house cleaner, Maria, who had a dad who was an owner of a taco shop Maria’s dad Jose talked to Albert about wanting to open up a taco shop – just to try it out Albert talked to someone who knew of a local taco shop that was small and wasn't doing very well. Albert went to look at the taco shop and loved it at first sight – perfect because was small The place was going to go on sale but Albert happened to walk in and talk to the landlord right before they ended up putting the property up for sale Important: “Your lease is the heart of the business and you can be at the mercy of your landlord” Albert paid for the escrow and everything worked out well Within two weeks of Albert wanting a taco shop, he had one! Albert quickly began hiring some good employees and cooks for the shop Albert explains “You don’t have to buy into something big when starting out, you can start small and grow into that business!” His first taco shop was just 400 sq. ft Albert prides his taco shop by being different than all the others. His burritos are named specifically with town and city names. Make it fun! Cali Comfort celebrating 10 years in April Alberts Mexican Shop gives back to the community and happily supports local youth and sports teams. More on Albert's taco shop, his landlord wanted to buy back into the taco shop and run the business so he took it away from Albert because he saw the lines outside the bu…

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