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#025: A Backyard BBQ Family Relives the Las Vegas Shooting at Route 91 – Behind The Smoke

Tom & Tamara Murphy, Team WGW – Weber Grills Win, Spring Valley, CA #PrayForVegas   Instagram:   Ole Hickory Pits: Grill Grates: Weber Grills: Del Mar BBQ Championship Facebook Event: Spring Valley Tailgate & BBQ Festival: Upcoming BBQ Events and Competitions: Thank you to Jet West Band for our epic Intro Jingle! Jet West: Pray For Las Vegas: Route 91: GRAPHIC Video from Route 91 Shooting:   Tom & Tamara Murphy, Team WGW – Weber Grills Win #SVBBQFest  Shout out to Abbie for being a bad ass!  Abbie Writes: A few SVBBQFest complications have come up and the team is now trying to figure out how to fix them before November 5th! Derek explains this might be the hardest #SVBBQFest to set up to date Shoutout to MeatandMetal on twitter for being a bad ass from Norway, True long time listener. Meat and Metal: People can reach out to us, don’t be shy, we love to help with anything digital marketing Tom of WGW is great friends with Fern’s Semifamous BBQ Fern's BBQ: Back in the day, Team WGW found the Cali Comfort website – then learned that they were throwing #svbbqfest  Cali Comfort BBQ: WGW = white girl wasted (getting stupid drunk) WGW Team started out 3 people WGW ended up winning Grand Champion as their first year competing Team WGW smoked on Weber grills and a kettle gas grill but ended up winning grand champion WGW got his daughter Courtney involved when she turned 20 Tom explains that he wanted a new name for WGW but couldn’t rebrand since people already knew who WGW was Weber Grills Win name changed but WGW brand has stayed the same – marketing reasons Tom won first place in chicken – he cooks his chicken thighs and legs – loves dark meat – has been cooking chicken for 20 years, Tom is a sauce guy who likes a nice glaze of sweet sauce, applies sauce 10 min before it’s done Tom was nervous as hell during his first competition when being judged but after Tom won First place Chicken he wasn’t so nervous after A year after winning, Tom let his partners run the show more, and took first in BBQ Chicken – it's done his way only Team separated after the second year of #SVBBQFest , then brought on his daughter Courtney and nephew, then won that 3rd year! Tri Tip is an amazing meat when done right! WGW failed at cooking tri tips – only had done 2 previously before their first comp, and didn’t do so well the first two years but is now focusing on getting first place! We are very grateful for the teams who do PC, events can’t be held if teams don’t participate in PC WGW has friends who are doing #SVBBQFest2017 for the first time this year WGW doing chicken for peoples choice! Don’t miss out WGW daughter Courtney has such a great attitude every time Shawn would interact with her, Tom explains that she used to be shy and intimidated but then she learned to be uncomfortable by putting herself out there to engage with the people attending SVBBQFest  – flash forward and now she is killing it and is comfortable being outgoing Pro Tip for successful competitions are CHECKLISTS Tom explains that Checklists have made competition days much easier for WGW, a written checklist on his Samsung Galaxy 5 on a notepad Checklists are great because you can use year over year, can check things off Cali Comfort uses Google Docs for a lot of projects WGW used kale for their garnish the first time and Gene said “No,

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