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Shawn Walchef Talks Quality Content Creation at the Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo

Shawn Walchef, the owner of Cali BBQ Media, delivered a compelling speech at the Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo 2023, emphasizing the transformative power of the internet and social media. Walchef shared his philosophy of presenting his authentic self across various social media platforms, highlighting that he integrates his personal and professional life seamlessly. This commitment to transparency serves as a guiding principle for the businesses and individuals he coaches.


In his own words, Walchef expressed, “You get all of me. You get me as a dad, you get me as a husband, you get me as a restaurant owner, you get me as a podcaster, you get me as a speaker. You get me, however, I am raw, unfiltered, raw.” 


A central theme of Walchef’s message is the importance for businesses to take control of their narrative on the internet. He passionately implores others to recognize that “no one is coming to tell your story.” Drawing from his own experiences, Walchef spoke to the futility of waiting for external sources to spotlight his restaurant. Instead, he advocates for leveraging the internet by sharing authentic stories in one’s own words. According to Walchef, embracing the internet and becoming adept at storytelling online is essential for business growth. 


“The more that you buy into getting uncomfortable and learning the skill of telling your story on the Internet, the more your business will grow.” said Walchef.


Walchef challenges the common fear of imperfection hindering online content creation. He dismisses the obsession with producing perfect content and advocates for a strategy of “quantity plus speed plus consistency” leading to quality. He encourages businesses to be the show, not just the commercial, stressing the benefits of committing to the craft of storytelling. 


Walchef’s insights provide a roadmap for businesses to navigate the dynamic landscape of the internet, encouraging them to embrace authenticity and seize the opportunities presented by digital platforms.


Be sure to follow Shawn Walchef on all Social Media platforms to watch the show in real time, and register to be a part of the Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo 2024.

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Interview Takeaways

Growing Social Media through Authenticity – Shawn Walchef believes firmly in the power of the internet and the impact of social media. As a business owner, Walchef makes it a point to show the entirety of who he is on his social media platforms. 


The Importance of Telling Your Story on the Internet – “No one is coming to tell your story”. Shawn Walchef implores every business he coaches and every person he speaks to, to use the internet in their favor by telling their own story in their own words.


The Quality Content Formula: Quantity + Speed + Consistency – According to Shawn Walchef, there is no way to figure out the internet. Instead of focusing on putting out the perfect piece of content, Walchef believes it is best to put out as much content as possible, as consistently and quickly as possible .

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