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Increasing AI Usage in Restaurants with Brendan Sweeney and Tony Roy of Popmenu

Brendan Sweeny and Tony Roy are the cofounders of digital hospitality titan, Popmenu. Popmenu has a plethora of tools and an extremely knowledgeable team that comes together for one main goal, to help businesses grow through the efficient use of technology. The separator is that Sweeney and Roy value relationships and problems solving with an understanding that solving one problem isn’t the finish line, and tailor plans specific to each individual business’ goal.

Both gentlemen spoke with Cali BBQ founder and Digital Hospitality host Shawn Walchef at the 2023 National Restaurant Association Show about maintaining.and growing long standing relationships with clients and the increasing implementation of AI in restaurants.

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Interview Takeaways

Popmenu is a Guide into the Digital World – Most restaurant owners did not enter the industry as internet savants. Luckily, Brendan Sweeney and Tony Roy created Popmenu to help usher those in the restaurant industry into the digital era efficiently, and allow the latest technology to help boost business.


Integrating AI into the Restaurant Industry – Popmenu has been using AI for quite some time, which has helped them ahead of the curve when showing customers how they can use the controversial technology to improve their restaurant’s efficiency and improve the lives of the workers.

Being a “Hammer” for Clients – Popmenu prides itself on providing solutions for their clients. For them, it doesn’t stop at simply supplying a piece of equipment or a technology consultation. Sweeney, Roy, and the team make it their mission to build and maintain a relationship with customers to truly service their needs and help tell their brand stories.

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